Everything you need to know before buying a Meta Quest 2

Everything you need to know before buying a Meta Quest 2

By dayannastefanny

What is Meta Quest 2?

Meta Quest 2 is virtual reality goggles that give you new opportunities to connect and spend time with others in virtual reality, whether in multiplayer games, unique social events, live entertainment, or focused learning.


We are starting to talk about planning and other things that need to be discussed. First, the power button has changed position, it is now in the right place. Down below we have the volume buttons in a good position, while on the left we have the USB Type-C port and headphone jack. We’ll see that although the built-in speakers sound good, the experience wins over the headphones.

On the front, we have a diaphanous, simple, and small front with attractive white decoration. In the corners, we have four cameras that will help the camera know where we are and let us know the playbook we are coming from. Let’s remember that to play with this type of device it is necessary to have enough space so as not to fall into the room.

With compact dimensions of 19 x 10 x 13 cm and a weight of 500 g, Meta Quest 2 feels light and comfortable even if you spend more than an hour in reality. Plenty of foam padding makes it easy to forget you have plastic on your face, while adjustable headrests ensure a perfect fit for your head.

A word of warning, however: After playing for a long time, I got a red mark on my forehead, which was good, so I recommend making sure Meta Quest 2 isn’t difficult before moving to virtual reality.

Controllers and hand tracking

The Meta Quest 2s feature a redesigned version of the Oculus Touch controllers created to provide better gesture tracking. The configuration is virtually the same as before:

each of the scoop-shaped controllers features two side buttons for doing things like firing weapons and picking up objects, with clickable analog sticks and a pair of front buttons on each controller. You’ll also want to use the included wrist straps to make sure they don’t fly off in the middle of a tense lightsaber fight.

I was able to find the Meta Quest 2 controllers to be comfortable and easy to use in a variety of different games and experiences. The nimble triggers and accurate motion sensing allowed me to perform headshots easily in Pistol Whip and I had no trouble cutting color-coded blocks during the rhythmic action of Beat Saber. The tactile feedback from the controllers is also amazing, allowing me to feel the texture of the lights during Vader Immortal while allowing me to focus on the hidden Tetris effect that matches the game’s music.


Facebook security and account integration will be optional until the end of 2022, after which Facebook does not guarantee the “full functioning” of the data. Facebook said that “we will take steps to ensure that you can use your purchases after 2022, although we expect some games and apps to stop working.” In short, Facebook is or will be, sooner or later.

That said, to get the glasses up and running we have to use the Oculus app, available on iOS and Android. Just log in, choose the model of glasses we want to configure, make sure we have Bluetooth enabled, and follow the instructions, you can’t miss it. A priori it is not necessary to use the computer for anything, since the Oculus Quest 2, like the Oculus Quest or the Oculus Go, is autonomous, that is, they do not need to be connected to the computer.

Price of Meta Quest 2?

The average price of Meta Quest 2 in Spain is 449.99 for the 128GB version, however, we recommend choosing the 256GB version (worth 549.99€) if we want to have double the storage space for games and applications.

On special events such as Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day, these highly immersive glasses can be found on sale for around €50, prices that include the Beat Saber game. Other bundles that come with other games are often available.