Facebook Stories: What are Stories Ads and Why should You Use them?

Facebook Stories: What are Stories Ads and Why should You Use them?

By Alex Balaniuc

Stories have become a new useful device for users that want to share whatever is on their mind at any time. The Story format was launched by the ever-popular multimedia messaging app Snapchat and it became a staple feature of many other social media services. In fact, platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp implemented this new technology as well, and this move proved to be successful: if we consider Facebook, for example, approximately 1 billion stories are shared every day through the app.



A Story consists of short user-generated content collections that have a duration of 24 hours, after which said content – like photos, videos or posts – will disappear.

Why would someone create stories instead of directly posting a video on their profile? It’s probably because Stories allow users to overlay fun filters and add any sort of effects to their content, as well as visual geolocation tags to their photos and videos. A Facebook Story is also immediately accessible to any friend of yours who encounters your account while navigating their news feed. All it takes to view a friend’s Story to see what they’re up to is clicking on their circle at the top of the screen.

Use Facebook Stories to advertise

Now, since Facebook Stories are generally beloved and fun to experience, many businesses, companies and organisations of any type started to use them to their advantage. A Story can be easily turned into an advertisement in the form of a quick video or photo. In the case that you’re a business owner, you might want to consider creating Stories for your Page and place ads in them.

Stories are indeed a great way to promote your products and services for three main reasons: they increase customer interest, they inspire action and they are fast, authentic and helpful.

Why you should start creating Stories Ads to promote your brand

How can a Story arouse your customers‘ curiosity? Note this: to make your brand or products more discoverable, it’s important to meet people with content that matches what they’re watching and how they’re watching it. Stories will give you a place to share your business message with engaged audiences through the captivating format of video. Therefore, by creating Stories about your business you’ll feel closer and more relatable to other users on the platform, because Stories offer you another chance to connect better with people in this immersive environment, extend your reach and drive more of the results that you care about.



When people get asked about what actions they have taken after seeing a product/service in a story, 58% say they have browsed the brand’s website to get more information, one in two have visited websites where they could buy it and 31% have gone to a shop to have a look. And this demonstrates why Stories are great at pushing possible customers to take action



Lastly, when asked what they’re most interested in seeing from brands in Stories, 52% of people said they wanted Stories that are quick and easy to understand, 50% wanted to be introduced to new products, and 46% wanted Stories from brands to offer tips or advice. The faster, the better: Stories can give customers a glimpse about your business and what it is about in a simple, effective way that doesn’t steal too much of their time. This is very important info, considering that people usually don’t appreciate sitting through long, boring ads that never get to the point. You can also use Stories to inform your audience about new products you just launched or to give tips about how these items and services can be used.



If you’d like to try creating Facebook Stories Ads as soon as possible, click here and follow all of the steps. Good luck!


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