Google Pixel 7 Camera Lens Shattered

Google Pixel 7 Camera Lens Shattered

By camilaforero

A lot of criticism was found on Twitter and Reddit related to the Pixel 7 camera lens breaking issue. Even though Google’s Pixel 7 sports a sturdy body and less chunky build, the camera lens glass It’s not sturdy enough, which has been a big problem for everyone.

This unfortunate incident with the Pixel 7’s lenses felt like a freak accident, which gradually gained a lot of traction, as Pixel 7 users with Pixel 7 camera lens breakage issues criticized the company on the site microblogging, on Twitter, Reddit and other platforms.

In user posts, you can see pictures of the back of the phone where the glass covering the camera lens had many cracks, or even many users had large cavities in the lens glass, allowing the users to see the camera hardware and leave it exposed.

Will Google replace the camera lens?

It seems that Google will not replace the lenses of Pixel 7 users. We have the example of a user, who shared his case on Twitter and explained what happened with the lens of the device. The user said that he took the phone out of a 16⁰C room to -2⁰C outside, and after 45 minutes the glass broke. Similarly, the user said that the phone was below the device’s recommended operating temperature.


For the warranty of this device and the lenses you see two positions, the first is that according to Android Police reported that some users were able to get the replacement at no cost, which is great since this is a massive problem and should be part of the support from Google and the warranty of the phone. However, on the other hand, many users received the budget of $400 to repair the glass, but this budget is about 2/3 of the original cost of the phone, which does not really cover much of the damage. The cost of these phones are: Pixel 7 for $599 and Pixel 7 Pro for $899, but the cost to repair the damage is not quite what is expected to get the problem resolved.

User Perspective

In the event that we put ourselves in the shoes of a user, who purchased a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro, placing all their trust in the device and the company, we will realize the great impact and problem that the device is damaged. From one moment to the next the camera of the phone breaks, without much reason, leaving the most useful but complex component of the phone exposed.

What can be expected is that the product warranty becomes valid and they can solve the problem with the phone’s lens, since with the large number of cases reported, this problem is a manufacturing defect. However, Google mentioned that the damage was not covered by the product’s warranty, and that the damage is the fault of the users and not the device.

Another post that was found on Twitter is about the situation of a user who spoke with the support service, in the chat that the user had, it was seen that the engineers know that this is a problem, but the company decided not to cover it with the product warranty. But in this way, most likely, many users no longer feel confident in the company and this line of phones and other Pixel devices.

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