Here’s the Google app’s Material You redesign

Here’s the Google app’s Material You redesign

By IsraeliPanda

Material You is a radical new way to think about design that we unveiled today at I/O. Material You will revolutionize design for Google, Android, and the entire technology industry. We intend to provide additional information about Material You and the ways in which it is influencing everything we do at Google over the coming months. Let’s begin with the goal.

Material You embraces feeling and expressiveness

At the point when we presented Material Plan in 2014, our vision was to assist with simplifying innovation and delightful for everybody, and to justify encounters across portable and the web. The problem now is more complex. With more screens appearing in more areas of our lives, computing continues to expand. Additionally, users are requesting greater device control and expressiveness. They want experiences that are more than just practical and useful; they also want experiences that make them feel something.

To meet this challenge, designers from Google’s Hardware, Android, and App teams collaborated by asking, “What if form did not just follow function, but also followed feeling?adaptable to every screen, accessible to every need, and personal for every style without compromising the apps’ functional foundations.

In the physical and digital worlds, users personalize their desktops with images that are personal and bring joy and comfort.We used this knowledge to create individual Material palettes for each person based on a personal signal—wallpaper—that can be used throughout their experience.

To make it possible to tailor any app—not just Google’s—to the user’s particular Material palette in real time, we combine color science with years of investment in the fields of interaction design and engineering.Material You incorporates clients as co-makers, conveying a mode for each temperament.

Alive and Versatile for each screen

As innovation has moved into various parts of individuals’ lives, applications have been tested to adjust to new screen sizes, gadget types, input modalities, and setting.

Material You uses motion to help understand space, convey brand identity, and engender trust in addition to making it simple to adapt to different screen sizes and types. Consistent but also human, the UI responds to screen changes, changes in context, and input. Basic storytelling is enhanced by playful quirkiness and little surprises, making technology more approachable and comfortable.

Accessible for everyone Google’s mission is centered on accessibility.We perceive that certain individuals have continuous availability needs, and others have situational needs that require UIs to adjust.Our goal is to find a solution to this problem for everyone, everywhere.We can tailor a UI for each user by sharing control of contrast, size, and line width with a contextually aware system that can customize UIs in more ways than were previously possible.

Material You, Pixel, and Android 12 Our ambitious Material You vision is a multiyear journey that will transform all of Google’s ecosystems and products.This fall, Material You comes first on Google Pixel;Android 12 provides developers with a preview today.

Over the summer, we’ll talk more about Material You and what it means for designers and developers. In the fall, we’ll release components and instructions. Material You’s development, discussions with design leadership, and more can be found on, our YouTube channel, and Twitter.

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