Hey Tech Lady: Katie Delgado’s professional background

Hey Tech Lady: Katie Delgado’s professional background

By Valentina Tuta

In order to help tech women to accomplish their training in technology-related careers, Katie Delgado tells us their process. At the beginning, she says wasn’t easy as she tried a wide variety of jobs in their path through the maze that would lead her to her vocational position.

Simultaneously, she advises to see every failure as an opportunity to grow, and then tries to explain to us a very specific question: how do I get where I want to be? You may think it is all about gaining expertise through training and certifications. However, Mrs. Delgado stipulates that networking has proved the most valuable of them all, though the approach may vary depending on where you are in your career.

Stages of your career

Mrs. Delgado presents to us a very detailed stage by stage process in which we can see a description of each of these phases so that you will be able to follow it to the letter and, in any case, keep calm if you find that you’re not going as fast as you had imagined. Let’s start!

Early career

First of all, if you’re just starting out as a professional, or you’re working towards a career change, the most important thing is that you seek out connections via social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Keep in mind that it is fundamental to connect not only with individuals but also with organizations and companies you consider industry leaders. Our dear expert gives us Women in Tech (WIT) as an example. And remember that sooner or later you’ll find your niche and if you get stuck, you can always write your favorite Tech Lady.


If you already reach this stage, you should program individual meetings and schedule one-on-one with peers and leaders just to introduce yourself and check-in regularly. Likewise, keep in mind that, in those individual and group sessions, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask questions or give input.

On the other hand, Mrs. Delgado recommends asking a lot so that you can stand out from the rest, use these opportunities to distinguish yourself and why not take advantage of the opportunity to establish yourself as a problem solver by working improvement ideas into your check-in conversations.

This initiative will not only help you to establish a solid professional relationship by proactively scheduling time with those you work with, but if you come up with ways to optimize operations as part of those discussions, positive buzz will spread and you’ll be an unstoppable force.


If you’ve been in the game long enough to be considered experienced, your networking strategy should evolve to where you establish yourself as an expert. For that reason, you should seek out panel and moderator opportunities at conferences and training events and volunteer.

From our expert’s experience, remember that the more you speak in public and interact in groups, the more you will establish your brand. Nevertheless, Mrs. Delgado recognizes that the most important thing in your position as a professional is to act like one by setting an example and preparing those who are younger than you.

After all, “It’s our responsibility to train the next generation to take the helm. If we don’t…who will?” conclude our dear Tech Lady, Katie Delgado.


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