Tips to Sell in 2023

Tips to Sell in 2023

By camilaforero

After going through the pandemic that we had in the world, we can realize that many people learned crafts through social networks and online pages and even YouTube tutorials, from crafts, carpentry, cooking, among other creative activities. We can also realize that crafts are creative activities that help people’s mental health, increasing brain activity and creativity, as well as reducing anxiety and stress in people.

Another benefit that you may find while exploring your creativity is that you can generate a business idea and monetize with your crafts. Let’s look at some business ideas with products you can sell online, in stores, or even at craft fairs.

1. Resin and polymer clay jewelry

For some years, resin and polymer clay jewelry have been a trend, many of the designs can be made with dried flowers, or with geometric shapes in bright colors. You can learn the process through online tutorials and also make an initial investment for the products you need to create these pieces of jewelry.


  • Not only can clay be used for jewelry, it can also create Christmas decorations or picture frames, since clay allows you to create different figures depending on the mold you use.
  • You also have to be careful with the resin for jewelry as some chemicals are mixed and can be difficult to handle, it takes practice.

2. Tufted rugs and mats

Carpet making is also trending lately, to create the rugs you can use a hand hook with a punch needle or also a mechanical or electric tufting gun and it can become a very lucrative business.


  • You can use the option that buyers can order a custom rug.
  • You should first invest in the materials, and you can also take a class to put the techniques into practice.

3. Textile dyeing 

Tie-dye is back in trend, dyed items that can be made with the knot technique are easy and don’t need a lot of materials.


  • You can buy fabric dyes or even make them from ingredients in your pantry, like avocado peels, turmeric, or teas.
  • You can also use yarn or elastic that will resist dye if you decide to do the knotting technique.

4. Paper flowers

Paper flowers are easy and with practice they can be made in quantity, you can even sell them for weddings, which can be a great business and have a low initial investment cost.


  • You can find templates to create the flowers or create the designs yourself.
  • You can also sell kits to make the flowers and send these products so that people can make them too.

5. Home fragrance

It can be easily sold online, home fragrances can be created with candles, and no prior experience is necessary. You can start with a candle making kit to experiment with and then go on to create your own fragrances, for example a specialty candle brand like Frostbeard.


  • Another option can also be room and bedding sprays.
  • You must consider the packaging and shipping a lot to avoid accidents with the products depending on the materials if you want to sell online using a platform to sell your products.

6. Ceramic or clay plant pots

For the care of the plants, you can start creating ceramic or clay pots, usually ceramic crafts need special ovens, however, you can find a place where this can be done or they can even be made with molds and without an oven.


  • You can take a pot making course and get an oven to make them too.
  • Also, you can use your creativity to make different pots and use various materials to decorate.

7. Face masks

These products are in high demand due to COVID and its spread, which requires wearing face masks in some countries. Therefore, if you have sewing skills, you can create and sell face masks.


  • You can think of a creative way to make the face masks you make different and eye-catching.
  • Due to its size and weight, it can offer free shipping or a specific shipping price rate.

8. Vintage upcycle

From home you can start looking for and selling old or used clothes, or reuse them in new products, it just takes a lot of creativity, you can use an old piece of clothing to create some other product, such as another piece of clothing or an accessory.


  • No sewing skills required, you can cut out or dye clothes, for example, Etsy identified 90s/Y2K and used denim as trends for Fall 2022.

9. Tote bags

It is a very versatile option, it also works with any level of creativity and skill, you can start by buying cotton bags and creating designs with paint or embroidery. And if you have more sewing skills you can create the bag from scratch and add details that identify your products.


  • You can recycle old clothes and create the bags as a sustainable option.
  • You can also find your specific clients and depending on this create the designs of the bags.

10. Woven and knotted home décor 

Macramé is a knotted technique popularized in the Victorian era, likewise, these crafts using weaving and knotting have become a trend for decoration again. Wall hanging art or even hanging planters are a great option.


  • You can start with a weaving kit to gain practice and experience.
  • The product options are many, you can think about which product best suits what you can do and offer.
  • Etsy identified the play on textures and bold colors as trends for fall 2022.

11. Handmade beauty products

These products are easy to make and also to sell, homemade beauty products, for example, homemade bath bombs, nail polish or lotions are some options, and you can sell them either online at an e-commerce store or in a local store.


  • They can be a great gift option, you can take advantage of the dates where you can sell better for gifts.
  • You can use recycled materials for packaging.