Trending products and things you can sell online

Trending products and things you can sell online

By camilaforero

High demand products to sell, the skills to market them, and the drive to succeed, are the three important factors to sell online. Here you can find 17 fashion products in 2022 that will activate new business ideas or to include in your current catalog.


  1. Power Tool Accessories

Power tools are seeing an increase in sales worldwide, receiving 27. 100 searches a month online and with sub searches as “tool accessories” with 1.300 searches, tools such as:

  • Power drills
  • Impact drivers
  • Circular saws
  • Table saws
  • Polishers
  • Sanders

For these types of products that are for home improvement, focus on visual platforms like Instagram and YouTube to promote and make sales faster. As well as using Instagram and TikTok you can raid usand DIY for users. As well as creating a lot of content that helps interact with followers, answering questions, giving ideas, posting products with tags and more creative posts that catch attention.


  1. Dog Toys

Pet toys experienced explosive growth in the first half of 2021. and valued at 3.7 billion dollars. These products help the well-being of dogs, giving them entertainment and comfort, with about 21.000 searches online, the best known can be: 

  • Training toys
  • Chew toys 
  • Squeaky toys
  • Stuffed plush toys 
  • Rope toys

Also, you can make forays creating blogs for pets, about care, sales and also on social networks with content that promotes content on this topic.


  1. Costume Shoes

For cosplay, themed events and halloween, custom shoes for women and men have also been a hot selling product and are trending in 2022:

  • Pirate boots
  • Witch boots
  • Superhero boots 
  • Vintage-era footwear
  • Gladiator sandals 

Visual platforms such as Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook have a trend towards personalized shoes, make sure to partner with influencers, as this way you can guarantee the promotion of products and reach more users. One target market may be cosplay costumes, which boast sales of around $4.6 billion. 

Or during the fall season for Halloween, performing a competitive analysis or a SWOT analysis of the market to know which is the best option for your business.


  1. Laptop batteries

They are a great resource for people who build their own computers or want to revive an old laptop, “laptop batteries” gets 33,100 searches every month, but it’s still not that easy to find as uses can range from a student who needs the battery to study to a professional who needs it to work longer.

You also can sell cases, external hard drives, power supplies, laptop memory, Wi-Fi adapters, and more if you are selling laptop batteries. Consider targeting audiences by brand, such as Dell or HP if you want to add ads on Facebook or Google Shopping, as well as being clear about the target market you want to target and dedicate to them.


  1. Shot Glasses

For the first half of 2022, shot glasses were among the best sellers, you can take advantage of the holiday season for their sale. You can venture into glasses for parties, to collect or even custom or personalized, “tequila shot glasses” (4,400 searches per month), “tall shot glasses” (2,400 searches per month), and “cool shot glasses” (3,600 searches per month), you can use Instagram or Facebook to sell this product.


  1. Slipcovers

From home products, and after working around the house, slipcovers protect sofas and loveseats from pets, children, dirt and spills with 27,100 searches per month for “slipcovers”, you can add this product on home decor and popular home organization blogs. Also, you can collaborate with interior designers to help promote new products and to be a trusted place to make your sales.


  1. Wall plates and covers

Other products for home decor, to create a comfortable environment during and after the pandemic, people have decided to organize their spaces. There are also screwless wall plates that offer an aesthetic and popular HDMI wall plates that let you plug in HDMI-enabled devices, and also a great variety of designs for all types of audiences.

You can create a paid campaign for Google Shopping and Facebook Ads to attract new buyers, in articles about the home and also creating your own brand.


  1. Baby Shirts

For new parents, baby shirts are in trend. These potential buyers can be reached on Instagram or Facebook with ads that grab their attention. You can also sell from Amazon or Google Shopping, you can even try the way of promoting with physical flyers to a local group.


  1. Curtain and drape rings 

For wooden curtains or even shower curtains, curtain rings are in trend. You can create a blog about tips and tricks for the home, and add ads via Facebook or Google, just as you can use specific descriptions to make searches easier and get more potential buyers.


  1. Cabinet knobs and handles 

Continuing with products for the home, these products are very much in trend since people are using more cabinets, as well as products such as cabinet knobs, fasteners, latches, locks, hinges, and handles.

Something very good about this product is that it allows retailers the opportunity to grow in the market, and you can venture with various types, designs, materials and other factors that are attractive to customers, either in order to fix a piece of furniture or create new ones.


  1. Watch accessories 

Watch accessories remain in trend, these products help with opportunities for different market niches depending on the brand, such as Samsung, Apple, Garmin, etc.

With the help of Google Ads you can sell these products, or also through Facebook, with specific groups to ensure their sale. And venture into designs, materials, uses, etc., and also use the promotion with influencers that can help to improve the sales. 


  1. Tumblers

For outdoor gear sellers, such as camping, hiking, fitness, and travel, this is a great opportunity to sell this product. Healthy lifestyles drive this trend, as more people think of using reusable bottles, the market niche for this product may be more focused on health and sports.

You can target specific groups of people using Facebook ads or Google ads so that people searching for similar products can also find these.


  1. Model Trains Sets

Since 1891 Model Train sets have been very popular among children, now using electric or even intelligent trains this product has evolved over the years.

For the promotion of this product it can be recommended to use social networks and influencers that can help you to share their experiences using the product, also using reviews from these people and customers. You can also make creative content on your networks and even contests to get more attention from the public.


  1. Signage

135,000 searches per month for “signage”, you can venture into a wide variety of types, designs and purposes for signs, for example, for a restaurant, or for decoration of a teenager’s room. With old, new, creative, personalized signs, and a wide variety to reach a large number of consumers and buyers.

From Facebook and Google Shopping, creating creative and original ads, where you can see the variety of products is a great sales opportunity.


  1. Wedding Dresses

“Wedding dresses” gets 2.24 million searches per month being a lot of searches. Even so, you can venture not only into this specific product, but also into other related ones such as nails for weddings, invitations, outfits, accessories, jewelry, among others that can help your business grow and enter a new market.

Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are platforms that would help a lot to sell these items, since they are more visual and you can reach more people with ads and help your brand grow. Likewise, influencers can be used to model clothing and accessories and promote them to reach more users.


  1. Table Runners

Buyers can use the table runners as decorations in their homes or at events. These can have a wide variety of designs, sizes, materials, colors, etc.

You can also focus on a specific niche, with specific and economic prices to generate a better reception, especially among young people. To promote, you can use not only ads but also videos that show designs and creative uses for this product.


  1. Motor Vehicle Parts
  • Batteries
  • Transmissions
  • Radiators
  • Engines 
  • Breaks
  • Front steering and suspension
  • Alternators

Those are the most common articles that you can find to sell in this market. You can focus on a single group of buyers, or do it with a great variety, this depends on the qualities, the products, the purposes with which the customer is looking for the engine part he needs.

Also, to promote you can create content videos with tips, create a blog, promote with an automotive company and from networks with your website or from Facebook.

These are the trending products for this year 2022, being beneficial for your new business or to help venture into more products and online sales through e-commerce, with different purposes, such as growing and also taking care of the planet with these means, counting on a great variety, prices, and quality of products for the different markets.

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