Get more Followers on Pinterest

Get more Followers on Pinterest

By camilaforero

Here you can find 10 tips in order to get more followers on Pinterest for your work, your business and for your e-commerce on this platform. The life of a pin on Pinterest is longer than a tweet on Twitter or even a post on Instagram.


  1. Use Pinterest as a search engine

A lot of people use Pinterest looking to a specific topic or thing that want to search, they can have their normal feed with the accounts they follow or the most common things they search, however, the can also use it as an engine to search for a specific topic, this is one of the reasons why it is necessary to use keywords for your brand on Pinterest. 

Depending on the things your business is focus on, you can start searching with a keyword about that topic and check what other keywords are common, two keywords can work for you to find the ones that get a lot of search traffic and make a potential list, and create ideas for the pins descriptions, board titles and all the posts you want to upload. 


  1. Connect the Account to your Shopify Store

The Shopify Pinterest app helps with the sync of your website with the social channel giving you the opportunity to have more purchases on your store. You can sync your catalog directly to your profile, for example, WallsNeedLove  ses this option on Pinterest and it can connect with its followers and they can make purchases directly for the social network profile on Pinterest. 


  1. You can enable the Pin It button on your website.

Using the ¨Pin It¨ button on Shopify App on Pinterest, the people that are looking at your pins can see the Pin It option, they can pin and save your products and pin on their accounts in order to check them later and also this helps for you to get more visibility on the app. 

There is an example, of the Peruvian fashion brand Agustina, they use this option of the Pin It button on their website, when you check and browse the website you can pin items to use them later, the same way when people save the things that they like from your profile and your website on Pinterest and you can organize the products and other kind of content such as blog posts too.


  1. Curate Pinterest Boards

A great way to grow the followers of your account is using boards according to the topics you use for your products helps very much. If you want to promote and provide value and want to make a connection with your followers, this is an amazing opportunity, for example the account Pretty Presets and Actions, they are specialized on sell templates and filters for Lightroom, on their profile you can find boards with tutorials, photo editing tips, resources and also inspirations for photography of their followers, all organized on creative boards.


  1. Create or Join Group Boards

With this option, you can have collaborators that can help you to add pins on the same board if they have the permission, it helps to have more visibility with the followers of the collaborators who are on your board. Also, it is important to have this option with group boards that have similar audiences and aesthetics, in order to fit with your followers and also their followers, this works like this: for example, when you get a new follower, that one also follow your boards, they can see all your boards and the group boards, as well the collaborators followers can see your profile and pins. There is The Little Market teamed up with other brands for holiday gifts, using a group that has coherence and showing all their products together. 

If you want to join a group board, it is necessary to take in count these things: you need to search for a brand that is related to the products that you have and want to show, in order to create coherence and have a similar aesthetics, you can personalized the email with details about why and how your business can match in a good way with their content, and also if the group board you want to join has specific criterias, be sure your products and brand will fit with them. 


  1. Create Great Visuals

Pinterest is a platform focus on visual more than anything, the best option is to create original content and images for the pins you want to share with a recommend of 2:3 aspect ratio, it is around 1000 by 15000 pixels, some examples for content are: 

  • Infographics 
  • Lifestyle product photography 
  • Recipes and step-by-step how-tos 
  • Images with text and/or graphic overlays 
  • Videos and multimedia Idea Pins

For example, Activewear WOD Nation is a brand that creates and posts beautiful photos presented in an overlay of text, a great way to use the content formats that Pinterest prefers, and it’s a tactic that has helped the brand build up followers. Brilliant Business Moms is also another great example of a Shopify merchant with high quality images on Pinterest, creating a kind of template to share titles to blog posts and other useful content for their followers.


  1. Make a Schedule of your Pins

Posting 10 times a day on a regular basis can increase engagement up to 150 times, and more engagement leads to more followers, as Pinterest uses a different schedule to post, you can rely on the programming software to plan your pins in advance, not that you need to spend hours a day looking at multiple different boards. 

Tailwind is a tool that can help you to select time slots to post your pins, it is similar to Facebook or Twitter option to post, and you can join Tailwind Tribes to share your pins and content with other people and to find possible collaborators.


  1. Invest in Pinterest Ads

Pinterest offers paid promotions through ads and pins promoted like other social networks, you can see that brands using this option get twice as much return on advertising investment, it also helps to get more followers and increase the visibility of a specific target audience.


  1. Follow buttons on your Pinterest pins to your Website

Pinterest is an ideal platform to stay connected with customers With just one click, users will go to your profile page on Pinterest, to be able to view your content, you can add a link across multiple networks and even your marketing email. The footer website is a great place to add social profile links, for example, Modern Citizen includes a link to your Pinterest and other of your networks at the end of your subscription form.


  1. Check your Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics help you know which of your pins are working best for a specific period of time in three different metrics: impressions, saves and clicks, so you know which pins are working best on your profile.

High-savings pins are being repinned by your audience, but if the number of clicks is low, it’s not taking anyone to your website, where you can convert them, or if High-click pins are delivering the merchandise, they’re not getting impressions. In addition to the Pinterest tools, you can also search for the pins to use links marked with UTM, and so track from Google Analytics.

For example, if a pin has a low number of clicks, you can check the picture, description and title, or if it has many impressions, in the same way look for why it is having so many impressions from the board.

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