Learn about the latest ecommerce innovations

Learn about the latest ecommerce innovations

By Valentina Tuta

Learn about the latest e-commerce innovations because with the arrival of COVID-19 not only consumers have had to change the way they purchase, but also entrepreneurs have had to update their sales channels and even small retailers have designated more resources to improve the user experience and cybersecurity. In this article you will find the most amazing innovations that exist in modern ecommerce.

  • Implementation of Chatbots

Its use is not as new as we imagine, in fact, dating back to the 60s. However, this tool has been enhanced so that now users can find it in more meaningful apps. Which is very useful for those who prefer to send messages instead of calling for some help (mostly Millennials or Gen Xers). Therefore, we can say it has easier access for any user and from any platform.

On the other hand,  it must be recognized that this AI has had a lot of progress and is very beneficial for those companies that don’t have enough money to pay for constant text correspondence with their customers.

  • Shopping By Image (Google Lens Integration)

Currently, some brands have implemented the “Shop the look” feature which allows users to select and buy products from a picture (such as a screenshot from a popular TV show) simply hovering and clicking on them. This strategy could work better with Google Lens, an integrated function to both find your favorite items and create a dynamic search on them based on the photos you have taken.

Once again, this tool is AI-mediated, and you won’t have to worry about integrating it into your e-commerce store, just make sure your products appear in Google’s product listings (mainly in the shopping section). Of course, you will have to compete against other product listings in Google Merchant Center to get a high position, but you can do it through online reviews. 

  • VR and AR

There is still a big difference between physical stores and online stores and it’s all about the experience. For example, when you buy clothes online you may think that it’s not the same as going to the mall, trying on the clothes and making a decision, isn’t it? Well, if you own an online store, don’t be discouraged. Nowadays you can develop another type of strategy such as Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) to better serve customers.

What is this initiative all about? You see, lately online stores are creating stores or scenarios that emulate the physical shopping experience so that customers can use AR to see how clothes will suit them or how furniture will fit in rooms.

  • Voice commerce

At first, this type of technology was designed mainly for people with disabilities, but it is a useful tool for everyone. In general, voice assistants are used to control smart homes, play music and search for information on the Internet. Nevertheless, now these intelligent voices are being used to make purchases, assign your items an ID code (so you can find them if they are in a catalog), specify the brand, size, color, etc. of the products you want using voice control. Note that you can integrate this feature into your e-commerce application, so you don’t have to rely directly on the technology provided by Amazon, Google, among other virtual assistants.

  • Innovative Payment Solutions

Cryptocurrencies are a form of payment that has been used recently, in fact, its Blockchain technology has proven to be one of the most secure in the electronic market, as it serves to verify products, help in the management of the supply chain, works as part of a payment processor and protects customers during transactions thanks to the help of secure wallets to store and transfer cryptocurrency.

Hence, in order to give consumers a safer and faster payment alternative, merchants have enabled an eWallet function (prepaid accounts that allow clients to securely make digital payments) within their services to facilitate consumer payments and purchases while protecting the merchant from fraud.

In summary, it can be argued that all of these advances have come about thanks to the evolution of AI whether we are talking about intelligent shipping solutions , personalized marketing or cybersecurity. Therefore, it is easy to deduce that in the future it is the tool that will have the most influence, so it is recommended that, if you own an online store or you are thinking of joining e-commerce, you should be at the forefront of these technologies.

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