Share Memories on Google

Share Memories on Google

By camilaforero

With more than 3.5 billion Memories viewed every month, this Google feature has become one of the most used features on Google, where you can relive meaningful moments through your saved photos and videos.

The new collage editor is a new update since the launch of Memories, which allows you to collect your favorite photos of a special moment created from Google.


Remember your special moments with memories

With the new updates you can relive in more videos, photos, collages with fragments of the videos or photos saved in Photos, also with the Subtle Zoom option, the photos will feel more special and dynamic. And there is good news! There will be a new update next month where instrumental music will be included for the Memories videos.


Bring memories back to life

Many times it is difficult to go through all the photos to relive some moments, however, Google Photos allows you to relive them through videos, animations, collages, and even cinematic photos. These cinematic photos are representations of your Memories photos in 3D, and it is one of the most saved effects since 2020. Also, this option will soon include music, making the photos feel more and more like a movie.

Styles is another option being developed to enhance memories, it will also include limited styles by artists Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon that were created solely for Google Photos.


Share your Memories

Memories in Google Photos are only visible to you, however, we all like to share special moments and remember them with our family and friends. It is being created to be able to add the option to share these Memories, directly from Google Photos and with a few steps from your devices so that you can share them whenever you want. 

Also, remember that you can download your photos from Google Photos with a few steps. 


Easy editing tools to get creative

If what you want is to add your personal and creative touch to your photos and memories, you can use the smart suggestions and Real Tone filters, as well as the collage editor.

This collage editor is new to Google Photos, here you can create your favorite collages with the photos you want to share, and you can also edit photos like adjust brightness or contrast, apply filters and more. Users who have access to Google One or Pixel can use more than 30 designs and also edit with additional features such as Portrait Light or HDR.

Do not forget that you have the option in Google Photos to remember all the memories you want with the people you love and the most special moments for you, with just a few clicks you can create wonderful Memories.

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