How can You check last seen on WhatsApp for free

How can You check last seen on WhatsApp for free

By IsraeliPanda

Engineers keep on bringing new elements into their versatile applications to hold existing clients and draw in new clients.

Be that as it may, each coin has different sides, so do new elements. The last seen tracker element of WhatsApp, for instance, makes numerous clients befuddled.

Along these lines, we will zero in on this component in WhatsApp and share all that you should be familiar with it, similar to what it means and how to stow away and check to keep going seen on WhatsApp on your cell phone.

As per WhatsApp, the last seen highlight can let you know the last timestamp that a contact utilized WhatsApp. For example, one of your contacts shows last seen today at 07: 45. It implies that the person has WhatsApp open and is associated with the web at 07: 45.

Then again, your companions can check your timestamp in WhatsApp too. It cautions that you can’t stow away assuming you are on the web.

Certain individuals find this timestamp unbelievable valuable, truth be told. When something horrible occurs, similar to typhoons, individuals can utilize WhatsApp’s most recently seen component to check on the off chance that their companions are fine.

The last seen highlight is a two-edged sword, which lets you really take a look at the situation with your companions and permits others to follow you. To conceal your last seen status in WhatsApp, simply follow the means beneath:

Stage 1

Open the application and tap the menu symbol, go to Settings – > Privacy – > Last seen on Android and go to Settings – > Account – > Privacy – > Last seen.

Stage 2 There are three choices:

  • Everybody: your status should be visible to all WhatsApp clients.
  • My Contacts: just your contacts can see your keep going seen on WhatsApp.
  • No one: any WhatsApp clients can’t take a gander at your data of last seen.
  • Select the legitimate choice in view of your necessities. Likewise, you can find other stowed away applications on iPhone along these lines.
  • On the off chance that your companion doesn’t conceal WhatsApp’s last seen highlight, go to the Chats tab in WhatsApp, select the discussion and you can see the date and time. Nonetheless, when your companions have stowed away the component, you need to involve a last seen tracker for WhatsApp. We use WhatsDog as the model.
  • Install the WhatsDog application on your cell phone and open it. There are three different ways to log in, your Twitter or Facebook account or make another record with your email.

Stage 3

Tap the Start button to open the following screen and afterwards select which contacts you need to screen the last seen status. Hit the OK button to affirm it.

Stage 4

Next, you will be introduced to the screen that shows the last seen information of the contacts.

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