How do I set who can add me as a friend on Facebook

How do I set who can add me as a friend on Facebook

By IsraeliPanda

To do this, click on your own companion’s list on your profile page, Select the pen symbol to the upper right and alter the protection settings of your companion’s rundown to “just you”. This will likewise prevent individuals from being advised when you companion somebody.

In regard to this, how would you conceal new fellowships on Facebook?

Go to your profile page and snap the “View Activity Log” button (close to your cover photograph) In the left sidebar, pick the “Companions” area (you may have to tap the “MORE” connection to see it) At the upper right of the companion’s segment, you’ll see a crate.

How would I conceal my ad companion on Facebook?

at the point when some other individuals see my profile, I need the person in question not send me companion demand. Essentially go to Account Settings » Under Privacy, Set “Who can send me companion demands” to Friends of Friends so the “Add Friend” button will not show up on individuals who don’t have any companions from your own companion’s list.

Would you be able to conceal your shared companions on Facebook?

You can not shroud shared companions. It will consistently obvious for those individuals who are companions with you and other individual and another individual is likewise in your companion list. You can handle who can see the Friends part of your course of events, yet individuals can generally see common companions.

How would I hold companions of companions back from seeing my posts?

Consider this catch a 1-stop shop to alter the permeability of the entirety of your past Facebook posts. Anything that was available to people in general or companions of companions will change to companions as it were.

Would you be able to shroud that you are companions with somebody on Facebook?

Well yes and no. As of the present moment, you can just obstruct a companion from seeing the entirety of your different companions. It’s absolutely impossible to obstruct a companion from seeing only one companion. You need to conceal your whole companion list from one of the two companions so they can’t see one another.

What happens when you confine a companion on Facebook?

At the point when you add somebody to your Restricted rundown, they’ll just have the option to see your Public substance or posts that you label them in. So in the event that you put your manager on your Restricted rundown, post a photograph and pick Friends as the crowd, your chief (and any other individual on Restricted) will not see that photograph.

How would I conceal as of late included companions Facebook course of events?

Kindly read cautiously: I would prefer not to conceal my companion list. I simply need to cover up my “as of late added companions” from my timetable, so it isn’t clear who I just became companions with. At the upper right of the companion’s segment, you’ll see a crate.

Would I be able to include a companion Facebook secretly?

Utilize the stuff menu and uncheck where you don’t need companion action to show up. The best way to stop Facebook telling your companions of your fellowship changes is to make your companions list private. Go to your companion’s list page. At the upper right segment of the page click on the Edit button.

How would you stop non-companions from seeing your photographs on Facebook?

Go snap Photo, at that point click Album. Under every collection, you see the name of the collection and the number of pics you have in there, and on the privilege of it you see the crowd selector, click on it, it will at that point show you alternatives of crowd you permit to see your collection, pick one that suits you.

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