How much will the Google pixel 7 cost?

How much will the Google pixel 7 cost?

By IsraeliPanda

2021 was a significant year for Google’s Pixel PDAs as it saw the chipsets change from Qualcomm Snapdragon to Google’s own Tensor chips, close by an outrageous rethink.

With everything taken into account, what will 2022 bring to the universe of Pixel? We gather all the news and reports enveloping the new contraptions, as well as two or three things we should see when the Pixel 7 appears.

When is the conveyance date for the Google Pixel 7?

Google formally confirmed the oncoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro during the underlying element of its 2022 I/O engineer gathering on 11 May, promising that both are “coming this fall” and displaying several genuine pictures.

Over the past several ages, Google has picked an October release for the central Pixel contraptions, with the more affordable variations appearing to be the going with summer – as we saw with last year’s Pixel 6 series and this pre-summer’s Pixel 6a.

Subsequently, if Google sticks to this model, you should guess that the new Pixel 7 handsets ought to make their introductions in October 2022 nearby the new Android 13 programming.

That is definitively precise thing leaker Jon Prosser has expected, adding that the 7 and 7 Pro will ship off nearby the Pixel Watch.

What sum will the Google Pixel 7 cost?

To learn about the cash you’ll need to stump up for the latest Google contraptions when they appear, this is the manner in which the new ages have been assessed.

  • Google Pixel 6: £599/$599
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro: £849/$899
  • Google Pixel 5: £599/$699
  • Google Pixel 4: £669/$799
  • Google Pixel 4XL: £829/$899

As might be self-evident, the expense for the standard Pixel seems to have settled around the £599/$599 mark, while the Pro level introduced in 2021 pushes things a piece higher. We would expect to see Google stay with these expenses going on, but the general chip inadequacies and expanded cost of gathering achieved by Covid could see them creep up when the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are conveyed. In a perfect world not.

What are the Pixel 7 specs and features?

Obviously, with the appearance of the Pixel 6 Pixel 6 Pro still reasonably later, there’s little in the technique for solid news about what you can expect to track down in their substitutions, but nuances are steadily beginning to stream out – some officially from Google.


With the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Google introduced an absolutely new arrangement language for its PDAs. Gone were the plastic suspension and more nonexclusive feel of the Pixel 5, displaced with premium turn of events and a solid look that remembered a raised strip for the back that went probably as a housing for the cameras.

The association made a startling drop of two or three Pixel 7 pictures at I/O 2022, and considering those it isn’t endeavoring to with nothing to do with the Pixel 7 region. Most producers like to keep a consistent sharp across several ages, Apple’s iPhones being the most clear model.

Clearly, the two phones incorporate an equivalent arrangement, however with a fairly changed camera module that as of now wraps directly into the phone’s packaging and highlights the particular sensors in a more unquestionable style.

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