how to change your Windows 10 PIN

how to change your Windows 10 PIN

By dayannastefanny

Windows 10 offers different authentication methods when logging into our user account. It is true that you can avoid identifying yourself every time you open your computer, but for security reasons, it is always recommended that each user of the system has their own account and secure authentication. If you are one of those who use a PIN to log in to Windows 10 and you have a problem logging in, we will show you how to fix the problem.

Change Windows 10 PIN if we are logged in

A PIN is a set of numbers, or a combination of letters and numbers, that you choose yourself. Using a PIN is a quick and secure way to log on to your Windows device. Your PIN is stored securely on your device.

Once we have logged in to the system, to change or reset our user account access PIN we will have to follow the steps shown below:

  1. We open the Windows 10 Settings page, (Win+I) or from the Start menu.
  2. Navigate to the Accounts > Logon Options option.
  3. Select the Windows PIN option.
  4. Click on the Forgot my PIN option.
  5. A We initiate session with our account of Microsoft.
  6. We will be asked to verify our identity.
  7. Then, the screen to configure a new PIN will appear to us. We write the new PIN, and we confirm it.

Fix error: “Your PIN is no longer available”.

The moment we try to log in to Windows 10 through our PIN, we may find ourselves with surprised that the system itself shows us an error message indicating that the PIN is no longer available due to a security change in the computer’s configuration. In this case, here are the steps to follow to try to fix it:

  1. We log in with a user account with administrator permissions on the computer.
  2. Open a file explorer window.
  3. From the View menu option, go to the Show/Hide section and check the Hidden Items box.
  4. Once this is done, we navigate to the path C:>Windows>ServiceProfiles>LocalService>AppData>Local>Microsoft.
  5. There we will be able to find a folder with the name Ngc, which could be the one that is preventing us from logging in with our PIN in Windows 10, since it contains the files related to the configuration of our system access PIN. If it is damaged or some files have become corrupted, we may not be able to enter it, or it will show us an access denied message.
  6. In that case, we click on it with the right button of the mouse and enter its properties.
  7. We go to the Security tab.
  8. Click on the Advanced button.
  9. In the window that appears with the user and owner permissions, click on the Change button next to the folder owner.
  10. In the following window we select the user owner of the Sathe me one and click in Types of the object.
  11. We check that all the options are checked and then type our username in the editable field object name.
  12. Click on check names to see that it is correct.
  13. Click on OK to save the changes.