How to create a custom To-Do List in Google Sheets

How to create a custom To-Do List in Google Sheets

By IsraeliPanda

Bookkeeping sheet applications, for example, Google Sheets are frequently used to coordinate and address information, but at the same time they’re incredible assets for making custom records and even applications. With Google Sheets, you can make an exceptionally adjustable plan for the day in a manner that totally fulfills your requirements from such a rundown.

Google Sheets as of now has a plan for the day layout that you can utilize, however in the event that that rundown isn’t the thing you’re searching for, you can likewise make a daily agenda in Google Sheets without any preparation. Peruse on to figure out how!

The Google Sheets To-Do List Template

As referenced previously, Google Sheets as of now has a plan for the day layout incorporated into it. In the event that you’re searching for a general rundown, and need to rapidly get everything rolling, then utilizing the layout may be smart.

  • Open Google Sheets.
  • On the landing page, under Start another bookkeeping sheet, select schedule.
  • Google Sheets will currently open a plan for the day for you. The rundown is as of now set up. You should simply add your errands and dates and get ticking them going!

The most effective method to Create Your Custom To-Do List in Google Sheets

In the event that the Google Sheet plan for the day layout doesn’t answer your necessities, or on the other hand on the off chance that you’re simply an over the top bookkeeping sheet genius to agree to formats, you can likewise make your own daily agenda without any preparation.

To make a plan for the day, first we will make the general design of the rundown. Then, we will add a drop-down rundown to decide the situation with each undertaking. At long last, we will make a channel to sort the undertakings, freeze the headers, and afterward conceal the additional sections. In light of that pathway, we should get to making a plan for the day in Google Sheets.

The general design of the daily agenda relies completely upon what you’re attempting to escape the rundown. In this model, we will add Number, Date, Task, and Status.

This step is straightforward, as you just have to type in the headings in the main line of every segment. For better clarity, both for yourself and for Google Sheets, it’s ideal to mark the calendar section’s arranging to Date.

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