How to definitively uninstall Apps on Your Mac

How to definitively uninstall Apps on Your Mac

By ceciliascalzo

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You can delete or uninstall an app from your Mac, which will then be removed and this will allow you to have more storage space that you can use for other items. You can do that using Lanunchpad or from the Finder. Let’s see how to use both of them.

How to use Launchpad to delete an app. Surely using Launchpad to delete to delete an app that was downloaded from the Apple Store, is a convenient and simply solution. To open Launchpad, click on it from the Duck, or you can also open it from the Application folder. If in neither case you still can’t find the app, you can easily type its name in the search field, wich is located at the top right of the screen. At this point, hold down the Option key, whic is represented as two lines symbol, or click and press for some second on any app until they all swing. Next to the moving apps, you will se a small “x”, click on it and delete the app you want and then select Delete to confirm. After that, the app will be definitely eliminated. Remember hat not all apps will be displayed during this operation and these are the ones that are probably not downloaded from the apple store ore that are required by your Mac. To be able to delete an app of this type, use Finder.

How to use Finder to delete an app. First of all locate the app in the Finder. Usually most of the apps are located inside the application Folder which you can easily open by clicking on Applications which are located in the sidebar of each Finder window. If you can’t find the app like this, you can use Spothlight. From Spotlight you must then hold down the Command key which is represented as a kind of cross and in the meantime double click on the app in SPotlight. At this point to proceed with the deletion, drag the app to the trash, or select the app and click on File and then on Move to trash. Here you may need to enter a name and password, enter those of your administrator account on your Mac. At the end, to delete the app, choose Finderand then Empty Trash.

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