How to enable list in Windows 11 taskbar instead of thumbnail

How to enable list in Windows 11 taskbar instead of thumbnail

The least demanding method for changing the Windows 11 taskbar size is with a library alter. You can look further into utilizing the library here, however as long as you track with cautiously and back up the vault ahead of time, it ought to be clear and safe.

Restart the PC or log out and afterward back in. You can do this by right-tapping the Start button and picking one of the choices in the Shut down or sign out menu.

How Do I Make My Taskbar Normal Size?

The default taskbar size can be reestablished by getting back to stage 5 and erasing the TaskbarSi esteem. After a reboot, the Windows 11 taskbar will get back to its generally expected size.

Or on the other hand, if you would rather not erase the worth, double tap it to change the worth information. Rather than a 0 or 2, cause the number 1 and afterward to reboot your PC. The advantage of doing this is you don’t need to redo the worth would it be a good idea for you choose later to change the taskbar size once more. You can alter the vault esteem as frequently as you need.

In the event that you really do anticipate altering the library frequently to change the taskbar size again and again, make certain to keep a reinforcement of the vault. In the event that you coincidentally erase or alter an alternate worth, reestablishing the library reinforcement is generally a choice.

How Do I Resize My Taskbar Icons?

Luckily, there is certainly not a different vault esteem you really want to make to resize the taskbar symbols. Resizing the taskbar itself likewise changes the size of the symbols.

Picking 0 in sync 5 above makes more modest taskbar symbols, while 2 will make greater symbols. You can see here how the symbols contrast between the different taskbar sizes.

To resize the taskbar symbols since they’re occupying a lot of space at the lower part of your screen, consider stowing away the taskbar. Do this by right-tapping the taskbar, going to Taskbar settings, and empowering Automatically stow away the taskbar in work area mode. Doing this will naturally stow away the taskbar each time your mouse moves off of it, immediately giving more screen space. It will show up again when the mouse runs along the lower part of the screen.

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