How to fix taskbar icons missing on Windows 11

How to fix taskbar icons missing on Windows 11

By IsraeliPanda

On the off chance that you have turned into a Windows Insider, you expected the way that while you’re getting to test the Dev, Review and Beta forms of Windows 11, you will some framework blunders or bugs that will irritate you and won’t allow you to do your thing. Through the rundown of blunders that were accounted for by different insiders, the missing taskbar symbols after reboot is one of the normal ones.

This missing taskbar blunder has happened before on past Windows variants, causing the clients similar issues until Microsoft at last figured out how to fix it. We as a whole recollect the ghastly issue where taskbar symbols couldn’t be continued on Windows 10.

Sadly, for us, early adopters, a similar issue is making its profit from Windows 11.

In the wake of examining this specific issue, obviously this issue generally shows up subsequent to rebooting the framework. A couple of individuals are revealing that they began to experience it subsequent to introducing the most recent Windows Update.

Assuming you’re confronting this issue, you’ll be aware – every one of the symbols from the taskbar vanish, even the symbols from the base right corner, not in any event, seeing the date and time. This missing taskbar issue keeps individuals from utilizing their PC appropriately, not in any event, having the option to see which applications are opened and access things from their taskbar.

How to Fix Taskbar Symbols Missing on Windows 11?

Indeed, even with the way that Microsoft has not yet delivered an authority hotfix for this specific issue, ordinary clients have proactively thought of a couple of potential fixes that will make your taskbar return. What’s more, it just so happens, every one of them are not difficult to follow and to imitate all alone.

The following are a couple of normal fix strategies that other impacted clients have effectively used to make their taskbar symbols re-show up on Windows 11:

Restarting the Windows Pioneer process – This is by a wide margin the most well-known fix for this specific issue. There are a ton of Windows 11 early adopters affirming that this was the main thing that aided in their specific circumstance, however there’s a trick. Much of the time, this fix is short-term as the issue will return during the following PC startup.

Re-marking in with your Microsoft account – it just so happens; this issue can likewise be established in the Microsoft account that you at present have associated with your Windows 11 PC. By marking out of your ongoing Microsoft account, you’ll end all the meeting effects constraining what’s basically known as a delicate reset.

Changing the date to the right one – This could seem to be an improbable guilty party; however, a ton of impacted clients have affirmed that all their taskbar symbols have mysteriously returned after they carved out opportunity to change the date and time to the genuine qualities.

Eliminating Risky Iris Administration Vault Key through Errand Administrator – Another potential guilty party that could cause this issue is the Iris Administration. As indicated by certain clients, a hidden issue influencing this part could crash down the whole Taskbar usefulness and make each symbol vanish. Luckily, you can fix this issue by utilizing Errand Supervisor to make an undertaking that will eliminate the Iris Administration Key that is causing this way of behaving.

Since you have found out more about each fix and resulting guilty party that could make your Windows 11 operating system act along these lines, begin investigating your specific situation by following the aides beneath.

Restart the Windows Voyager process from Assignment Director

In the event that the issue you’re managing is really established in an issue connected with the Windows Traveler process, you’ll get off simple.

For this situation, it ought to be sufficient to restart the Windows Pilgrim process utilizing Errand Chief. After you do this, stand by two or three seconds and you ought to perceive how your taskbar starts populating once more.

Adhere to the guidelines beneath to restart the Windows Pilgrim process utilizing Undertaking Administrator and reestablish your Taskbar symbols on Windows 11:

  • Open Undertaking Supervisor by squeezing CTRL + Alt + Erase and tap on it, or press CTRL + Shift + Break and it will open the Assignment Chief straightforwardly.
  • After the Assignment Chief shows up on your screen, guarantee that you’re utilizing the master interface. Assuming the straightforward connection point is opened as a matter of course, click on Additional subtleties utilizing the drop-down menu at the base.
  • When you’re inside the master Assignment Administrator interface, access the Cycles tab at the top.
  • Then, look down until you tracked down Windows Pilgrim, then, at that point, right-click on it and tap on Restart
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