How to get the perfect photo with AirBrush?

How to get the perfect photo with AirBrush?

By carolc

Today there are a vast number of applications designed for image editing. Among so many options, one that stands out due to its variety of functions is AirBrush. This app has a wide repertoire of functions that allow you to easily obtain a perfect photograph.

Additionally, its creators keep working constantly, to add new updates, effects and functions.

What is AirBrush?

It is a mobile application developed to edit photos at a professional level. The app has various retouching tools that allow you to eliminate any imperfection in your images. Includes filter options that help you get a perfect photo in a few minutes.


  • It is an app for mobile devices.
  • The application is free and compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Allows quick and easy photo editing with powerful features.
  • AirBrush blurs wrinkles, removes blackheads, balances skin tone, brightens eyes, whiten teeth, removes skin blemishes, among many other things.
  • Its user interface is intuitive and very friendly.
  • The app has been developed with the idea of ​​eliminating all the imperfections present in your photographs.

AirBrush main tools

Among the wide variety of functions and tools offered by the app, we will tell you about the most important ones.

Blemish remover

This function allows you to completely eliminate those annoying details that are evident in your images. This tool allows you to remove spots and pimples from the skin, with just the touch of your finger.

You can also add some makeup or blush, to balance the charm and lighting in your photo.

Teeth whitening

The teeth whitening function gives your teeth a higher level, in terms of their appearance. You can illuminate your face with an ideal smile. You determine the level of whitening.

Thanks to AirBrush teeth whitening you will get a dazzling, broader or more prominent smile, and you can also achieve fuller lips.

Eye lighting

The application’s “illuminate” tool optimizes your eyes by immediately illuminating your entire face.

This function brings more light to your eyes, makes you look renewed and awake, and allows you to enlarge your eyes a little.

Editing and skin retouching

AirBrush gives you the opportunity to apply touch-ups and edit your skin, to get the ideal photo.

With this function you can even tan your skin, to give it the tonality you want in a matter of seconds. You can show off a radiant and natural skin in each of your photos and selfies.

As an added function, you can apply a little blush to give your cheeks a special glow.

This function will give you the possibility of showing off radiant skin, with a uniform tone, as well as luminosity and softness in your skin.

Reshape your body

One of the most surprising tools in this application is the one that allows you to reshape each part of your body. You can slim or lengthen your photo in any area or section, with a few gentle movements.

With the body reshaping option, you can expand or slim your facial aspects, change the position of your facial features, enlarge or reduce any area of ​​the image, apply volume to your hair, and stretch the photo to gain height.

Artistic retouch

The app’s editor offers you tools to crop, blur, stretch, adjust and slim your photos. This set of functions will allow you to add an artistic, dramatic and beautiful style to your photos.

Editing can be done manually or automatically.

This option makes it easy for you to frame photos with vignettes, crop the image to custom or predefined sizes, and you can also control the light and color.

Apply depth to your photos

AirBrush also incorporates the “Blur” function with which you can edit your photos, applying greater depth. With this function you can also direct the focus on the important elements of the photo.

This is one of the editing tools that will help you take your images to a professional level.

Real-time editing

The application has real-time editing technology. In other words, it allows you to edit your selfies before capturing the image. You can focus your phone on your face, and immediately start applying the filters and touch-ups you want. Once you get the look you want, you can proceed to take your perfect selfie.

Filters for a natural and radiant appearance

AirBrush provides you with a wide collection of beauty filters. All these filters were developed by experts, to optimize even professional photos.

With the application of these filters you can achieve unique images, with a perfect style and appearance.

With some of these filters you can apply natural makeup to your photo, such as mascara or blush. You can achieve a wide variety of looks, apply thematic filters, and impressive light effects.

The AirBrush team is constantly adding new filters.

Share your photo

As another of the functions that AirBrush offers you, is to share your photos. The editing tool, once you finish the retouching of your image, gives you the opportunity to share it directly to your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

What is AirBrush BLACK?

AirBrush BLACK is a subscription that gives you access to Premium level filters and features. All these Premium components are updated every month, so you can enjoy new options for your photographs periodically.

The subscription undergoes a renewal at the end of the term corresponding to the selected plan. If you want to cancel the subscription, you must notify the app team, 24 hours in advance.


Get the best versions of your photos with AirBrush. Apply the filters and adjustments you want, and achieve perfect, professional-looking images. Dazzle on your social networks and captivate with your profile photos. Make the most of the functions of this app, and create ideal photographs.