How to install fonts on Windows 11

How to install fonts on Windows 11

By ariannaflamini

As you all know Windows 11 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft. As Windows 10, Windows 11 also has a variety of built-in fonts. In general it’s easy to change a default font of Windows 11, but there are those who prefer to vary by adding new fonts because they are tired of those preloaded, which sometimes are insufficient.

That’s why today’s guide will explain how to install fonts on your Windows 11 from various sources. Below, we list the various steps to perform.

Download fonts on your computer:

Before the installation, however, you need to find a source from which to download fonts. Don’t worry, there are plenty of websites that provide free fonts to users. Therefore, the first step you need to take is the download. The format you will download will be in ZIP or RAR. Then, after downloading the fonts, extract the file to get the actual font file.

Install fonts on Windows 11:

After downloading the fonts, you have to proceed with the installation, but first: right click on the ZIP or RAR file you have downloaded and select Extract files or Extract Here. Then open the folder with the font name as the title. Always right-click the Font file and select Install or Install for all users. The game is over: in a short time it will install the new font on your Windows 11.

Install fonts from the Control Panel:

Installing fonts on Windows 11 can also be done via Control Panel. The steps are simple. Open the Windows 11 search and type Control Panel. Then open the Control Panel from the list and tap on Fonts option. Finally, to install the font, open the file in question that you have downloaded and drag and drop it into Fonts.

Install fonts on Windows 11 via Font settings:

This is the last method of our guide to install fonts, but this time through a few steps starting from the Font settings. What you need to do is to open the Windows 11 search and type Font settings. Then open it from the list and on the right, there will be the option Drag and drop to install. You must then drag and drop the font into the rectangular box. In this way, within seconds, the font will install on your Windows 11.

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