how to install Microsoft PowerToys on Windows 11

how to install Microsoft PowerToys on Windows 11

By IsraeliPanda

Microsoft’s PowerToys is a famous application among power clients on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Presently, the application is likewise accessible through the Windows 11 Microsoft Store. Beforehand, PowerToys was just accessible for download through GitHub or by utilizing a bundle chief, for example, winget.

PowerToys is an assortment of instruments focused on power clients of Windows. It incorporates nine utilities right now, including PowerRename, a picture resizer, and a fast launcher called PowerToys Run. Microsoft as of late carried out an exploratory video gathering quiet element to PowerToys in rendition 0.46.0.

A portion of the highlights in PowerToys motivated usefulness in Windows 11. For instance, PowerToys has a FancyZones include for window the board and snapping. A few parts of FancyZones have been worked into Windows 11 as local usefulness.

Regardless of being in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11, PowerToys utilizes its own installer. This is conceivable in light of the fact that the new Microsoft Store permits engineers to submit unpackaged Win32 applications. The application will not naturally introduce through the Microsoft Store and requires a few extra consents to work.

Since declaring Windows 11 and the new Microsoft Store, there’s been an expanded accentuation on getting Microsoft’s own applications into it. Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code showed up in the Microsoft Store in August 2021. Microsoft Edge is likewise recorded in the Microsoft Store, and we anticipate that Microsoft Teams should be recorded from here on out.

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