How to learn with Coursera courses?

How to learn with Coursera courses?

By carolc

Technology and online communications have successfully invaded the field of education. A clear example of this is Coursera, an application that has grown considerably, and which is dedicated to providing training at a professional level.

What is Coursera?

The idea for Coursera was born from the minds of Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. Both were looking for a way to provide people with training options that would allow them to transform their lives, no matter where they are located.

Today, the platform is positioned as one of the main in the area of ​​higher education. This is supported by more than 60 million students from different parts of the world, who come to Coursera to gain new skills and knowledge.

The platform has the association of the best educators and more than 200 universities, who are responsible for offering a vast range of training. On the platform you can choose courses, specializations, degree programs, and certifications.

On the other hand, companies also turn to Coursera for Business to provide the best training experience for their human talent.

In addition, Coursera for Government provides appropriate education to government employees and members to provide them with new skills.

As for Coursera for Campus, it gives any university the ability to offer online education to its students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


  • Coursera offers only high quality training.
  • The courses are offered by the best universities and professors in the area.
  • Offers more than 3,900 courses and specializations, more than 20 MasterTrack ™ degrees and certificates, and more than 13 professional certificates.
  • Training experiences span areas such as business, data science, computer science, languages, among many more.
  • Coursera provides free and low-cost paid training options.
  • The entire training process is completely online.
  • Allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • The platform offers applied learning so you can master new skills with deep knowledge.
  • You can validate what you have learned through questionnaires and practical projects.
  • The platform gives you industry-recognized certificates and credentials.
  • You can access comments from the global community of Coursera learners.
  • Coursera has its mobile application, so you can access your training from your iOS or Android mobile device.
  • You get shareable certificates that you can include on your resume or share through your LinkedIn profile.
  • Allows you to view the conferences live, or download them for later viewing.
  • The platform provides technical and academic support. You can request reviews or comments from the Coursera community, as well as advice from the student support team to solve problems.
  • Offers subtitles for your videos in more than forty languages.

Types of training on Coursera

Coursera offers a wide variety of options when it comes to training, as well as various types of education.


Each of the courses provided by the platform is taught by instructors of recognized professionalism and belonging to the best companies and universities.

Coursera provides a catalog of hundreds of free courses that give you access to on-demand video conferencing, community discussion forums, and exercises. For their part, paid courses offer you additionally, extra projects, tests and a certificate that you can share once you finish the course.

The duration of the course varies between four and six weeks. And they have a cost of $ 49 and up.

Guided Projects

With this modality you can acquire important skills for your job performance in just two hours.

Guided projects are developed at your own pace, require less time on your part and provide you with practice in the use of a tool that is very useful for the current field of work.

You can get a great interactive training experience with visual instructions from the subject matter expert.

Prices for this type of training start at $ 9.99. You also get a guided project certificate.


In case you want to acquire mastery over a specific skill, the option of a specialization is the most suitable.

In this mode you must complete a set of strict courses, but always at your own pace. It includes practical projects based on challenges in the commercial and real area, and you will also obtain a certificate of specialization.

A specialization usually lasts between four to six months. The price of this type of training is $ 49 and up, per month.

Professional Certificates

If you want to start a new career you can do it in a short time and in a professional way with Coursera certificates.

Receive training from the best universities and companies, applying your new knowledge in practical projects. This way you can demonstrate your experience to potential employers.

You can also access professional-level support resources, and obtain your professional credential to start a new career.

The duration of the professional certificates is less than one year. Its price can be from $ 49 onwards.

Master’s degree

Some sections of the Master’s programs have been divided into modules, with the implementation of MasterTrack ™ certificates. In this way you can obtain a high-level professional credential granted by a university and at a very affordable cost.

You’ll receive a great learning experience that includes real-world projects and expert instruction online.

If you are accepted into the full master’s program, your MasterTrack ™ courses count toward the degree.

You can boost your career in less than twelve months, and have expert feedback and real projects.

Master’s degrees can have a cost of $ 2,000 and up, which you can pay in installments.

Online degrees

Optimize your job profile with an online degree from an internationally recognized university on Coursera.

With module training, the platform allows you to advance in your studies at your own pace, on a schedule defined by you. You will earn credits as you complete the assignments.

You can learn from the best university level teachers, for a low price. You will also earn a college credential of great importance to the industry.

The duration of the degrees ranges from one to four years. The price of this type of training starts at $ 9000, with the possibility of paying in installments.

What can you get on Coursera?

In addition to an excellent online educational experience, you can get other benefits by studying on Coursera.

  • New skills with the different types of training: courses, masters, specializations and certificates online.
  • Quality training given by the world’s leading universities and companies.
  • Gain knowledge in current areas such as graphic design, business analysis, Python, and much more.
  • Get the training you need for a career in high-demand job areas like AI, IT, and cloud engineering.
  • Study at your own pace and obtain a certificate or degree awarded by a leading university in computer science, business, among others.
  • Optimize your business with on-demand training and development programs for your human resources.

It has been proven that 87% of students who gain knowledge for professional development on Coursera, have professional benefits such as the start of a new career, a promotion or an economic increase.

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