How to mention classmates in your posts in Google Classroom

How to mention classmates in your posts in Google Classroom

Google Classroom gives a framework to instructors to make, offer, and grade class work and for understudies to get to and complete tasks. Study hall works with other G Suite applications, like Google Drive, Docs, and Meet.

To get to Classroom, go to in the Chrome program, at that point sign in with your G Suite account. You additionally may introduce the Google Classroom application on one or the other Android or iOS (and iPadOS) gadgets.

1. Go to and afterward tap on Sign In.

Fill wanted subtleties

2. Click the class.

3. On the Stream page, under a post, click Add class remark.

4. Enter + or @ followed by the individual’s email address. As you enter text, a rundown shows up.

5. Select the name that you need and press Enter to add them to the post.

6. Enter your message and snap Post.

Understudies may work disconnected with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in Chrome, iOS, or Android. In the Docs, Sheets, or Slides portable applications, go to Settings, at that point select Make Recent Files Available Offline. Understudies additionally may work disconnected with Google Drive in Chrome on the web: Enable the checkbox close to Offline in Google Drive settings. For additional subtleties, see Google’s help page to figure out how to Work on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides disconnected.

At the point when you have a web association, understudies may switch between records to get to applications and documents depending on the situation. Notwithstanding, when all is said in done, just documents for the most as of late chose record will be put away disconnected. So if at least two understudies share a gadget, try not to switch between accounts when you realize you will require disconnected admittance.

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