How to Monetize your Instagram Posts (100.000 Followers and Up)

How to Monetize your Instagram Posts (100.000 Followers and Up)

By Alex Balaniuc

Google News

Social media influencers: love them or hate them, you’ve got to admit that these people are living it up and (probably) making a ton of money.

But what about you? Posting a photo on Instagram and getting paid for it doesn’t sound like it takes too much effort. So, wouldn’t you also be able to do just that? Well then, in this article, we’ll find out how to make money on Instagram!

The influencer’s job

The influencer phenomenon has definitely become commonplace, to a point where nowadays the word “influencer” describes a full-fledged career path. An Instagram influencer’s job usually consists in posting on the platform — be it in form of photos, videos, IGTV content and whatnot — and said posts will earn the influencer a certain amount of money, depending on a few factors.

Instagram influencers with a large enough following (let’s say around 100.000 followers) are seen as valuable resources by companies, because there’s a higher chance that the products or services the creator advertises will make the brand gain visibility. From the company’s standpoint, the more eyes are on you, the more profit you’ll make.

At the core of the influencer’s job, therefore, there’s the ability to influence people, meaning leading them to purchase whatever is being advertised.

So, if you’re already a well-established influencer and you wouldn’t mind making extra income, just keep reading: we’re going to learn about how to monetize your Instagram posts!

How much do Instagram influencers earn?

Now, how much money can you actually make on Instagram? The first aspect to take into account is how many followers you have. Companies are mostly interested in partnering with and investing in creators that reach a wider audience.

An influencer with 10.000 followers can earn between 100$ to 500$ per post, while someone with 100.000+ followers will logically earn much more in proportion to their follower-base, such as 1.000$ to 5.000$. But the level of engagement on the creator’s profile is also important to consider (a profile with lots of followers and very few likes and comments can raise suspicion of being flooded by bots, instead of real people).

Apart from the number of followers you have, your earnings can vary a lot depending on which brand you’re sponsoring, the content you put out, the amount and quality of the content, and, more in general, the effort you’re putting in.

The main strategies to make money via Instagram

Here are some of the main strategies for monetizing your Instagram posts:

1) Sharing sponsored posts

2) Joining an affiliate program

3) Promoting your business/products/services via Instagram

1) Post sponsored content

This, also known as a brand deal, is the most popular form of Influencer Marketing there is. It works in a very simple way: the influencer posts content in which he/she promotes a brand’s products or services to their following. For each post, the influencer gets paid.

2) Become an affiliate

By becoming an affiliate, the influencer is usually given an affiliate link or a promo code by the brand through which they’ll be able to make money thanks to commissions. Whenever a follower uses said link or code to purchase a product/service, the creator will in fact earn a certain amount of money.

3) Promote your own business

Do you own a small business for which you built an e-commerce platform? That’s great, because you could very well promote your own brand by featuring your products and services on Instagram.

Not only that, because you can also promote other ventures of yours: a blog, a YouTube channel, an organization you’re part of… everything, really. By including a link in your Instagram bio to these other channels, you’ll be able to land your followers there and get them interested in what you’re doing.




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