How to Save Energy?

How to Save Energy?

By camilaforero

One of the things that people want least is to pay and spend money on wasted electricity, plus this affects the environment. So, let’s look at some pretty simple ways you can save energy, save money by not overusing energy, and also reduce your household waste. For example, outside we can find solar roads that capture clean energy, and also this helps our world, we can try to find the devices that can spend too much energy at our homes and find a solution from our end. 

Energy Vampires

One of the simplest ways in which you can quite successfully reduce energy vampires and many of the loads that are considered phantom and waste energy, which can increase the consumption of the service and therefore increase the cost you must pay for the use of energy. We can know through this article what energy vampires are like and how to disappear them so that they stop affecting your service and money.

These energy vampires can harm you especially in your finances, since if we think about it, in a year they can be hundreds of dollars in wasted electricity, therefore it is very important to identify them and then proceed to find ways to reduce your consumption, for example, finding the devices in your home that can consume more energy and making the necessary adjustments to achieve lower consumption and save money. 

Start With These Common Energy Vampires

A large number of energy vampires can be found in many homes around the world, although each home is unique and very different, you will most likely have a dozen or more energy vampires in many places in your home and haven’t detected them yet.


A clear example that we see very often are the decoders and satellites that are used for cable services. These devices are common energy vampires that we find in homes, as well as video game consoles, even modern ones, which have all Active functions consume a lot of energy.

Another clear example that we see very often are smart televisions that are in standby mode, these televisions consume a lot of energy, more than you think, therefore, the ideal is to find those that are not used as frequently and unplug them from the outlet so that their consumption is lower.

Unplug Everything You’re Not Using

You definitely won’t go wrong if you get in the habit of unplugging things you’re not using, since we’re talking about unplugging devices you don’t use frequently to save energy.

With tests in and around homes, we can see that many of the devices we use consume quite a lot of energy, and that there are even many things that you would never think that consume so many levels of energy, and that if you do not use them at all they are wasting energy all day, 24 hours.


Let’s think about how much energy a battery charger can use when it doesn’t even have batteries, we can assume that its consumption is zero, it doesn’t waste energy, but the truth is that after testing to verify that this is the case, it was found that have an average of 5 watts of idle power, which doesn’t sound like a lot, however, if we think that these 5 watts cost $5 per day, and put it as spending the whole year, the value would be too much, almost like a type of tax for a device that you are not actually using.

Now, if we think of other devices that are connected and that consume inactive energy, which can be accumulated in a great way and generate an expense that may seem little, but in days it can be quite a lot.

Put Devices on Power Strips or Smart Plugs

You can use a power strip in case you need to use many devices at the same time, and when you are not using them you can just turn off the power strip switch to disconnect them. And in case the power strip is in a place that is too far away or difficult to reach, you can use another alternative, such as a smart plug you can buy.

This is a new way where you can use technology to help save energy and you can also save money as you can unplug your devices and not consume power unnecessarily. For example, using the Google Nest, you can find an alternative to using devices to save energy using the new technology.

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