Tips to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

Tips to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

By camilaforero

With over two million sellers so far and over 100 million monthly visitors, Walmart Marketplace has been on the rise lately, becoming as popular as Amazon and eBay. Its growth has been seen thanks to small markets aimed at millennials, being a very smart and wise decision since millennials have the highest purchasing power of any other generation.

Even so, there is more competition between sellers, and for example, in case you have the best products, but nobody sees them, it is as if the products you sell do not exist in Walmart Marketplace.

The best way is by adding best practices, and we can check out a list of 14 best practices in order you can make your products more attractive and enjoy more clicks from your customers and new customers. In case you want to start a new business and you want to check for ideas for products you can sell,  you can check the link and find the most popular products nowadays.

14 Tips to sell more on Walmart Marketplace

It is very common that when a person is interested in buying a new product they go directly to and search for the specific product they want, they can also check on the first page before clicking on the most interesting ones, and sometimes there are many of the same products on the list, however, customers can’t keep clicking to see more products and they focus only on the first page.

Search Engine Optimization, Walmart Marketplace SEO works similarly to SEO for Google, however what sets it apart is that with Walmart Marketplace you can choose the keywords for your listings to appear at the top of search engines. product search results, let’s see the tips we have to achieve this goal and that your products are more viewed:

1. Use short and concise listing titles

Headlines are ideally between 50 and 75 characters, making them easier to read, and to rank higher, you can incorporate your keywords as well as product attributes or your brand name.

If we use for example that a customer wants to buy a tent with certain specific characteristics, you can include the details of the tent you sell in the title, making it more attractive and attractive for buyers, with the title with words like ” “instant tent” or “big tent” helps your product appear on the first page of search results.

The title can include:

  • Brand name
  • Product size
  • Capacity
  • Keywords — ‘instant cabin tent’

2. Use unique product names that stand out

To use an example in this tip we can base on wearable products becoming more popular, if a customer wants and is looking for a smartwatch or fitness tracker, you can include a key feature and keyword in the title, for example as “Bluetooth smart watch” and “wearable device”

3. List multiple product benefits in the description

In the product description you can include all the details so that the buyer can verify if it meets their needs, for example if they are looking for a computer monitor, with the details about the benefits you can help the buyers make the decision to acquire the product. 

Also, in the details you can include keywords, so your listing appears at the top of searches. Another way that works well is a comparison chart with other similar products, and the buyers can verify which of the products best meets what they are looking for.

4. Use bullet points

One of the best ways to put the details in your description is by using bullet points, since many times if the buyer sees a paragraph with the descriptions, it is more difficult for him and he prefers to avoid it. Therefore, using the bulleted description is easier to scan, you can also use mini headers for descriptions of specific features, and you can include the keywords in the headers and lists to draw more attention to the product.

5. Include multiple images

Using Walmart Marketplace you can include multiple images in your listing to show your product from different angles and also give more product details to your buyers. You can also add the Zoom to better see the products in the images and if you have a video that shows the product and its details or a 360 degree image it is very helpful.

Use at least four images and show photos of:

  • Product characteristics
  • Accessories that come with your product
  • The product in use

6. Use professional images

The quality of the image usually also shows the quality of the product, therefore, if you can invest in making your images look more professional, this will give a plus to buyers being able to see your products in more detail.

Upgrade product images to improve customer perceptions

Images are just as important as the product details in the description, this is very important in e-commerce as buyers cannot touch or feel your products before purchasing as it is very unusual for a person to buy something without seeing the product image before, and the better the images look, the more attractive the product will be to the customer.

7. Use a white background

The ideal of the images of the products is that they stand out and are unique, therefore in the main image you can present the product and in the gallery you can include creative designs that present accessories or accessories of the product. However, it is very important that the background color is white, as this makes the images look much more professional and the highlight is only the product.

8. Send shipping and tracking information to customers

It’s very important to keep your customers’ emotions positive, and there’s always excitement when you’re buying something new, so it’s important to keep the customer informed about the shipment. You can start with a confirmation message that the order was received, then send the shipment tracking information with the delivery date and estimated time of arrival, this is very positive and makes the customer experience better.

Update shipping to improve customer experience

Sales can be tracked in the Seller Center dashboard depending on shipping options, also the introduction of free two-day shipping at Walmart is important as:

  • Buyers can filter by shipping preferences.
  • Free shipping labels appear on product listings so shoppers can see free shipping products listed.
  • Sellers experience an increase in sales, with free shipping the products become more attractive.

It’s important to maintain your rating as a trusted seller, especially with shipping as shipping is closely tied to the customer experience.

9. Simplify returns

In Walmart Marketplace you must share your return policy, this can be up to 4000 characters and include as many details as necessary. Also, it is important to ensure that returns for damaged products are less than 3% of the product’s sales price.

You can make returns easy:

  • Using a wide return window: you can start with at least 30 days
  • Give customers the option to print their own return label
  • Respond quickly to customer concerns
  • Confirm return shipping fee in advance
  • Share replacement product tracking information
  • Also the process of products returned within 48 hours after receipt

10. Set Up an inventory tracking system

In case you have a multi-channel e-commerce business, having a way to track your inventory across multiple platforms is very important. You should use an inventory management tool, especially if you sell similar products to other sellers, so customers can go to other sellers to fulfill their needs for the products they are looking for.

11. Offer multiple shipping options

You can offer more shipping methods for your customers and make their experience much better, the shipping cost can depend on what you want, it can be free if the customer subscribes to your membership or charge a fee, and Walmart Marketplace offers two options:

  • Standard: 2-5 business days
  • Express: 1-2 business days

12. List low to qualify for the Buy Box

The same product can be sold by more than one seller, and one way to help buyers make a decision is to “Add to cart”, no matter the product, this way the seller can win a Buy Box.

Your chance to win the Buy Box is when:

  • List products lower than the competition
  • Giving extra incentives, like free or fast shipping
  • Mostly positive product reviews
  • Have enough inventory, and be vigilant that shipments are always on time.

This way you can win a Buy Box, and even though several markets have Buy Boxes they are not connected to each other.

Manage pricing to be more appealing to customers

With lower prices you may be more likely to get more customers, especially when there are more sellers offering the same or similar products.

13. Encourage customers to leave reviews

Reviews work very well for new buyers to see the experience of previous buyers, many buyers do their research before buying and about 90% of them say that reviews influence their decisions. This is a very good option if you follow Walmart’s standards for third-party sellers.You can ask your customers after they receive the product if they had a good experience and if they are happy with the product and all the reviews they want to share.

14. Ads

“External” advertising is not necessary while on Walmart Marketplace, however, they are valuable options and have their benefits, let’s see four ways to advertise your products on the Walmart Marketplace platform:

  • Sponsored ads
  • Organic search
  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads

Using these advertising methods you have more options for exposure on the platform, however, your competitors are only those in your niche, and not the entire platform.

You can improve the impact of your ads by:

  • Linking ads to specific product pages
  • Reviewing data from your ads to make improvements
  • Have an advertising schedule to post regularly
  • Have ads for more than one product

Learning how to sell on Walmart Marketplace

You can use the way that best suits your business, you can also experiment with each option and use your own features, as well as generate research for keywords and which ones work best, in this way you will grow your business, using this Marketplace or you can also check other platforms to sell your products online. 

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