Holiday Deals on Google

Holiday Deals on Google

By camilaforero

The holiday season is upon us and so is the shopping spirit, with deals and discounts being very popular at this time, with 43% of people in the US planning to look for deals and sales more than last year. And for this reason we are going to see some features so that you can more easily find offers for your gifts. (In addition, you can check in the next link the best way to turn off your Google Search Suggested Results).

Labels for coupons and promotions

A great way to save is by using coupons, however, finding them and knowing that they work is somewhat complicated. However, with the new promotion badge that will appear in the item search center, you will be able to help shoppers save time and money with items that are on sale, for example, “15% off with coupon code HOLIDAYS”. Previously you could find items on sale or at the lowest price, now you can find specific promotions and compare them with others that are in Search.

Also you can find:

We are working to add a new coupon clipping function, with this you will be able to easily copy promotional codes at the time you are making your purchase, this is one of the functions that will be added soon.

Compare deals

With about a little more than half of US shoppers searching multiple websites over the past year to make their purchases to be sure of where to buy and what to buy that meets their expectations and needs.

Now you can find a new way that will help you not only save time but also save money while you do all the research on the items you want and compare all the shopping deals they might have between retailers.

For example, if you’re looking for a coat with certain specifications, such as a quilted coat, you’ll be shown a side-by-side comparison of available quilted coat deals in the search results (check in the link How to customize your Google search widget in case you would like to try it). This month this option will be implemented in the United States, the perfect time for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Get price insights

Many times it is difficult to find and know if something you are going to buy is a good value and is suitable, especially at Christmas holidays where we can get carried away by just the items. For this same reason, the price information function is being incorporated into Search, so that each of the buyers can understand the prices they find and make the decision that best benefits them to make their purchase.

In this way, with this new option you will be able to see the price of a merchant and make a price comparison with that of other merchants, and with this information you will be able to see if the prices are low, normal or high for the product you are looking for.

In addition, merchants will be able to stay on top of your offers and will also be able to review your business promotions wherever they manage their product listings on Google. These options will help you find the best deals and prices for all of your item purchases that you want to make over the Christmas holiday season.

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