Design Details in your new Hardware

Design Details in your new Hardware

By camilaforero

From smooth surfaces to new refreshing colors, “Design is about solving problems,” says Ivy Ross, the leader of the group that creates the Google product, including the new products we are going to check today. The group always works looking for the best product that resolves some options like designing for a WiFi router or deciding the first ever watch for Google. 

Now let’s check some of the design details about the new products:

Colors to calm

Let’s start with the new Pixel 7 , this smartphone has a new color inspired in nature which is fresh for users. This new color is Hazel, a greenish hue, with a gold metal finish that adds a little bit of polish. Also, there is the color Lemongrass. This color can calm your mood and also make you happy with the matching colors, “We wanted to create colors that are calming, yet also surprising,” says Isabelle, leader of the design group for home and wearable products.

Line up the lenses

Those smartphones have horizontal cameras that also use 100% recycled content. The design reduces the number of the parts “At the core of it, we wanted to bring more emphasis to the camera,” says Claude, leader of the design for Pixel phones

More Silky

Thanks to the new zirconia-blasted matte finish, the phone, Pixel 7, feels very smooth, however, the Pixel 7 Pro is inspired by jewelry and watches and thanks to the design with a high-polished aluminum finish it feels like a real jewelry accessory.

You bezel believe it

The bezel is even thinner than the Pixel 6, you can look at more content on the frame that is on the front of the device where there is not the screen, and it makes the phone look very good.

A smartwatch dripping with inspiration

“The round design represents the ancient shape of time and balances the fact that we fit all of the modern smarts of Google and health and wellness features from Fitbit into the watch.” The Google Pixel Watch was inspired by water droplets, making the watch more functional for users, “A smartwatch first and foremost is a watch,” says Ivy, making the design inspired also in the experience that she has as a jeweler.

Bands for any mood

The watch band design was specially designed for every mood and need, also the way the bands click into place to attach is very easy, making the design from casual to formal.

Color combo

The group worked and checked around 200 different color combos in one week, in order to have the best watch band using recycled plastic yarn, making a watch band that looks very casual and simple, but that also catches people’s attention when they are close to it.

A shelf-worthy design

The Nest WiFi Pro is ideal to have it wherever you want, “The areas where WiFi routers go — like countertops, side tables and shelves — usually have beautiful collected items from people’s lives like a flower vase, a sculpture or a stack of books,” mentioned Isabelle, the design the group looked for was inspired by ceramics and glassware, also hues that can match with every mood and vibe, and also a high-gloss finish. You can check here other products from Google Nest to improve your smart home.

Good things come in small packages

The Pixel 7 phone uses less plastic, the group made a box for the phone that is safer and more comfortable, using materials that replace the plastic almost in 99%.

Sustainability: the guide

Using the designs for the packages and also the devices that have less plastic and more recycled materials, those devices and also packages are built to last, for example:

Nest WiFi Pro

This device was made of more than 60% recycled materials, and the plan is that for 2025 the teams can eliminate all the plastic that is used for the packages and use recycled or renewable materials for at least 50% of the plastic used across all the hardware products, this is a very hard work for the design groups, however, they are ready to start and make the best products that can use the sustainability as a great promoter and take care of the environment.

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