Nest Doorbell Features

Nest Doorbell Features

By camilaforero

When we feel safe, many of us can rest in a better way, knowing what happens both inside and outside our homes. The new Nest Doorbell has smarter and easier to manage functions, with the purpose of each of us feeling more. tranquility in our homes.


Wired and always on

This is the 2nd generation of the Nest Doorbell, the first Nest Doorbell (check here for more information), which is battery powered, feature rich and versatile, however many people feel more confident with a wired doorbell so they don’t have to worry about change the batteries or charge them or even if there is no power, and even if the Wi-Fi is not very stable or not working properly, there will be no problem with the wired doorbell.

You’ll also be able to have around three hours of video history at no additional charge, as well as clips up to five minutes long, allowing you to easily go back to key points in the activity.

In case you want to upgrade the product to a Nest Aware Plus subscription, you can have up to 10 days of continuous video history, making this product an industry leader, 24/7, you will be able to have all the access to be aware of what is happening inside and outside your home, feeling much safer in your home and protecting your family as well.


The clearest image yet

Many updates have been made to ensure users get the best picture. The doorbell was tested under many conditions in order to see its response in different scenarios, for example in dark and rainy nights and sunny and bright days, so that the best image can be obtained and it is very natural.

Another feature that was reviewed many times with a positive result was the distorted fisheye effect that is common in some smart cameras, and adding HDR so that details can be captured in areas with shadows or bright highlights.

“The Google Nest Doorbell (wired, 2nd-gen) is the best camera doorbell we have tested so far in terms of image quality, with a high level of detail and accurate exposure, allowing you to easily recognize whoever is at the door, even at night.” This was said by DXOMark, who are an international leader in the evaluation of both image, display, audio and battery in smartphones, and who tested around 8 doorbells across the industry.


Smart alerts and flexible control

With the added smart features in the doorbell it can process everything seen on the device, giving you more relevant notifications and greater privacy and security. As well as with the machine learning that is built in you can distinguish between people, packages, pets and vehicles and also keep an eye on some of the specific areas of your front porch using Activity Zones.

Another feature that’s included is “talk and listen,” which lets you chat with visitors at the door or on the go, and even lets you reply quickly with pre-recorded messages. Similarly, if you have a Nest Aware subscription, detect and notify you when you see familiar or unfamiliar faces every time the doorbell is activated.


Built for the Google Home app

The new doorbell can be used from the Google Home app, here you can see and control all the cameras, in the same way it is estimated that soon at users will be able to see all the feeds of the Nest camera and doorbell on the web, without the need to use the application and from any device.

You can also add a home routine from the app, such as if the doorbell is pressed, the porch lights can be turned on from dusk to dawn. News about new updates and features for Nest and Google Home is coming soon. In case you like the thermostats you can check about the Google Nest Thermostat here


Design inspired by your surroundings

The doorbell’s design is simple, elegant and complements your home, taking up less space than a battery-operated doorbell, making it ideal for small spaces. It also comes in four colors for you to choose from, Snow, Linen, Ash and Ivy.

The Nest Doorbell was built using around 43% recycled materials, and it can also connect to your existing doorbell wires. With the Help Center you can make sure you are compatible with the technology of the doorbell, as well as the step by step in the Google Home application for installation.

Its price starts at $179.99 in the U.S. in all colors and Snow and Ash colors in Canada only for $239.99 CAD.


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