Why choose and love Messages by Google?

Why choose and love Messages by Google?

By julianapardogonzalez

It is normal with the technology, internet, and social media that we can have many options to choose an instant messaging app. So, today we are going to give you the reasons to select the Messages app by Google, and we achieve convince you to download!  

Firstly, we are going to explain to you, which is the goal of Google with this app. The idea is helping the users to build connections, for that reason, the app was created around RCS (a modern messaging protocol) which one supports richer text features, higher resolution images and videos, and enables end-to-end encryption. And with this, google achieving it can give everyone a secure and modern messaging experience.  

While the RCS executed, Google is doing what it is possible to improved messaging between Android and iOS, for example, adding support for reactions. 

Here are 10 ways Messages is evolving with safer, smarter, and more modern features. 

1. When you are in a group chat and the conversation is active:

It is logical that appear many messages and this make a little complicated to respond a specific text. Well soon, with the Messages by Google and the RCS, you will be able to respond to an individual message without breaking the flow.

2. Displaying emoji reactions from iPhone user

Earlier this year, as we already mentioned, the company started displaying emoji reactions from iPhone users on Android phone. Now they are taking a step further by letting you react to SMS texts from iPhone users with emoji as well.

3. Voice message more accessible for anyone

Also, they are working to make the voice message more accessible for anyone, using machine learning, Voice Message Transcription auto-transcribes the message, so you can access it with ease. For example, you are in a crowded space and get an audio message from a loved one: transcripts will let you “view” the audio like you would a traditional text message. Now are available in the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 6A, Pixel 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Fold 4.

4. Remember important moments

Now, the reminders are now included directly in Messages to help you remember important moments without navigating across several apps on your phone.

5. Watch videos without ever leaving the app

You can now watch YouTube videos within Messages without ever leaving the app.

6.  Keep track and quickly find information

If you typically do not close your chat with friends or other people to not lose valuable information, such as directions, telephonic numbers, etc. Now Message app will now intelligently suggest you “star” messages that contain texts like addresses, door codes and phone numbers to help you easily keep track and quickly find influential conversations.

7. Stay on top of events

Messages will recognize texts like “Can you talk now?” and propose a Meet call by showing an icon right next to the message. Even it will recommend adding calendar events for messages like “Let’s meet at 6pm on Friday”, to help you stay on top of events.

8. A feature where you can chat with businesses you found on Search and Maps 

In some countries, even they are experimenting with a feature that lets you chat with businesses you found on Search and Maps directly through Messages! So, all conversations appear in one place that is searchable, private, and secure.

9. The Messages app work across all devices

The Messages app work across your favorite devices, from your phone to Chromebook to your smartwatch. Try sending a message from your new Watch by asking Google Assistant.

10. Even in the clouds!

Your messaging apps should work wherever you are, even in the clouds! That it is why Google partnered with United Airlines to offer messaging on United flights, when you have RCS turned on. And it will be available on United Wi-Fi for most carriers starting this fall, with broader support coming soon.

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