Customize your iPhone with these Google Widgets

Customize your iPhone with these Google Widgets

By julianapardogonzalez

Something that is usual in the Android mobile and have advantage over an iOS is the capacity to personalize its operating system, apart from that one of identity signals is the possibility to customize the screens by widgets.   Well… Google has changed it, because the last week, the 19 of October, created widgets for iOS but only for their apps. 

With these creations, Google wants that the users of Apple find in an easier way whatever they need and keep your day running smoothly.  

The Lock Screen widgets for iOS 16 are officially available, so you as a client can access features from your favorite Google apps with a quick tap or even just a glance at your iPhone Lock Screen. Between these and their Home Screen widgets, they have got you covered across all your favorite Google apps. 

What can you use all these new widgets? 

Customize your Lock Screen for work and play 

You can set up a separate Lock Screen to stay focused during the workday. With the Gmail widget can automatically show you the number of new messages since you last opened your inbox and which categories, they’re in, helping you stay on top of emails even if you’re heads down on a project. And with their Drive widgets, you can open a suggested or starred file in just one tap. 

When all the work will be finished for the day, you only will need to switch to another Lock Screen to catch up on anything you missed at work, like headlines from the Google News Lock Screen widget. 

Navigate new territory with Maps, Search, and Chrome 

If you enjoy knowing and visit new places, add the Maps Search widget and customize it to find nearby restaurants, gas stations and more with one tap from your Lock Screen. Or if you are farther from home, and need to understand another language, add a shortcut to Google Lens from the Google app’s Lock Screen widget to use your camera to start translating text in over 100 languages. 

Add the Chrome Lock Screen widgets to find something fast while you’re on the go. 

Tune in with new YouTube and YouTube Music widgets 

With the new YouTube Home Screen widget, just tap to watch Shorts or new videos from your favorite creators in the YouTube app. Or, you can start searching for a video right from your Home Screen. 

And another new widget is the YouTube Music Lock Screen, start listening to your favorite songs in just one tap. 

Remember to try out these Google widgets, first make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS and your Google apps are up-to-date. Hopefully this helps you personalize your mobile better! I will leave you with this excellent quote from George Nelson, “The simple joy of taking an idea into your own hands and giving it the proper form is exciting”. What I am trying to tell you is to take your time and make all your things will be identifiable by far, that have your essence.

And that will be all for today!

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