How to see cardio fitness levels on iPhone

How to see cardio fitness levels on iPhone

By IsraeliPanda

Your iPhone and Apple Watch are amazing gadgets to monitor numerous wellbeing estimations, including your cardio wellness level.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you’re simply beginning, you probably won’t understand what this really implies. Just relax; it’s a simple and accommodating estimation to keep you solid now and later on. 

What Is Cardio Fitness?

You’ve presumably seen that your iPhone monitors your normal cardio wellness levels in the health application. This estimation works out your VO2 max levels in your body.

Also, what is VO2 max, I hear you inquire? This is the most extreme (max) sum or volume (V) of oxygen (O2) your body can use during an activity. To lay it out plainly, this number addresses the most extreme measure of oxygen your body can consume while you’re working out.

The higher your VO2 max, the more oxygen your body can use during an exercise. Furthermore, the more oxygen your body can utilize, the better you’ll have the option to deal with escalated works out.

With the assistance of your Apple Watch, your iPhone can follow your cardio wellness or cardiorespiratory wellness levels and let you know as to whether your typical level is excessively low.

The most effective method to See Your Cardio Fitness Levels on iPhone

Getting to your cardio wellness levels on your iPhone couldn’t be any more straightforward. 

  • Open the Health application.
  • Tap the Browse tab in the base right corner of your screen.
  • Select Heart.
  • Look down and tap Cardio Fitness.

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