How to Send a Video Message on WhatsApp

How to Send a Video Message on WhatsApp

By auroraoddi

Following the launch of the Channels feature, WhatsApp is introducing another interesting option, included in the latest beta versions. We’re talking about video messages.

What are WhatsApp Video Messages?

WhatsApp video messages are an alternative to WhatsApp voice notes, the flagship of this instant messaging application for years. Like audio, video messages allow you to interact more quickly with your contacts.

How Do WhatsApp Video Messages Work?

The screenshots released by WABetaInfo give a clearer idea of how WhatsApp video messages work. The camera symbol replaces the microphone, which can be activated with a single click.

Recording starts immediately, using the front camera. Alternatively, or simultaneously, the rear camera can also be used, by activating the options for switching from one to the other. In this way, the user can be seen talking to the chosen contact.

What Features do WhatsApp Video Messages Have?

Users can record WhatsApp video messages, unless they enter the timer between chat options. In addition, they have a maximum duration of 60 seconds. Recording and sending take place in real time. Indeed, recipients can perceive that the video was made live.

Thanks to end-to-end encryption, the conversation is secure and cannot be accessed by third parties (other contacts or team employees). However, beta users of Android and iOS can take advantage of this feature. In addition, WhatsApp video messages will have a round format and a green clock.

This draws a circumference of the captured video, giving information on duration. Like audio notes, the user can scroll up, blocking the recording, as well as send video messages in individual and group chats. When a video message is received, the recipient can play it by default, but without audio. A single touch on the clip will activate the sound.

However, the general roll-out to registered beta users via Google Play and TestFlight should come to a definitive end in the coming weeks. Finally, the WhatsApp video message feature will become available on all smartphones where the application is installed.

How do I Send WhatsApp Video Messages?

Sending WhatsApp video messages is very simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  • access WhatsApp;
  • select and open a chat;
  • select the camera icon at the bottom right of the screen;
  • scroll left or select the video item at the bottom of the screen;
  • record a video;
  • watch the video;
  • add a caption, if required;
  • click on the blue arrow;
  • send the WhatsApp video message.

The video is automatically sent to the chosen contact or group and saved to film. In fact, WhatsApp uses the Camera application to record the video, save it and send the file.

How do I Send WhatsApp Videos After Adding the Video Message Option?

WhatsApp will handle video messages differently. Despite the implementation of this new feature, users will be able to transfer videos as normal. Of course, there will be a new control at the bottom of the screen, replacing the microphone control.

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