How to set reminders with a sound notification in Google Keep

How to set reminders with a sound notification in Google Keep

By IsraeliPanda

On account of the changes made to notices in Android in the course of recent years, increasingly more fast usefulness has been added to assist with saving time and exertion. It seems as though that has extended as you can set updates inside Google Keep from warnings.

At the point when you get a notice that contains data that your framework considers being outstanding — for example, purchase milk — you’ll get a Google Keep “Set update” trigger inside the message notification. It’s significant that this appears to possibly seem when select informing applications are utilized.

In the wake of tapping a warning, your gadget will open Google Keep where you can set an update with pre-populated data. As a result of the linkage between Google Keep, Google Assistant, and Calendar, you’ll see an update in every one of the three places at the same time.

A few messages seem to give you the choice yet others with just somewhat unique phrasing eliminate the capacity to set and update.

Messages like “remember x” or “kindly purchase x” appear to give actuate the Set update trigger for Google Keep/Tasks that piece all the more reliably. It doesn’t look like the choices are showing up inside the stock Google application either — which appears to be somewhat odd yet is normal of these new highlights.

It’s not satisfactory why the capacity to set updates from select application warnings is showing up on mainstream outsider informing applications and not Google’s own Messages. The component could be connected to the new security fix, a Google Play Services beta, or even Device Personalization Services — the last of which is liable for keen activities inside warnings.


Instructions to set an update on Android by means of Google Keep

1. Tap the, in addition, to sign in the lower right corner to add another note.

2. Add the content for your note, then, at that point tap the ringer symbol in the upper right corner (the center symbol of the three) to add an update.

3. Pick whether you might want to set the suggestion to come up at a specific time, or a particular spot. For instance, your note could remind you to get milk when you show up at the supermarket.

4. Fill in the particulars as provoked, then, at that point tap “Save.”

Have you had the option to set updates inside Google Keep or Tasks since refreshing to the most recent security fix? Make certain to tell us down in the remarks area beneath.

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