How to set up Google Workspace desktop shortcuts in Windows 11

How to set up Google Workspace desktop shortcuts in Windows 11

By IsraeliPanda

Windows 11 incorporates a Windows Tools organizer, which replaces the Administrative Tools one. Windows Tools is a Control Panel envelope (applet) that incorporates 32 different implicit utilities. You can open Task Manager, Disk Clean-up, Command Prompt, PowerShell, Registry Editor, Run, Character Map, and all the more other than from that point.

You can get to Windows Tools by means of the Control Panel. Notwithstanding, setting up a Windows Tools easy route will give you more straightforward admittance to all that organizer’s utilities at whatever point you require them. This is the way you can set up a work area, setting menu, console, Explorer, and taskbar easy route for the Windows Tools envelope in Windows 11.

Instructions to Set Up a Windows Tools Desktop Shortcut

The work area is the spot numerous clients add alternate routes to in Windows. The Windows Tools envelope will be exceptionally simple to access from that point. You can add Windows Tools to the work area with Create Shortcut like this.

  • Right-click a vacant region of your work area to choose New.
  • Select Shortcut on the New submenu.
  • Type explorer.exe shell: {D20EA4E1-3957-11d2-A40B-0C5020524153} in the thing area box and press the Next button.
  • Input Windows Tools inside the alternate way name box.
  • Click Finish to add the alternate way.
  • Double tap the Windows Tools alternate route to open its organizer.

A console easy route for Windows Tools will put all that envelope’s utilities readily available. Setting up a Windows Tools work area easy route is the initial step for laying out a hotkey for that envelope. From that point, you can relegate a hotkey to that work area easy route as follows.

That hotkey relies upon the Windows Tools work area alternate route. To set up a hotkey for that envelope without adding a work area easy route, you’ll have to introduce outsider programming. Programming like WinHotKey empowers you to set up custom hotkeys with next to no work area easy routes.

The taskbar and Start menu are two different spots you can add Windows Tools alternate routes to in Windows 11. You can currently open the Windows Tools envelope from the very beginning menu’s application list. In any case, sticking that envelope will add it to the front of the menu. This is the manner by which you can choose to stick Windows Tools to the Start menu and taskbar.

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