How to use the CHOOSE function in Google Sheets

How to use the CHOOSE function in Google Sheets

By IsraeliPanda

In Google Sheets, the CHOOSE Function isn’t a lot of normal being used. Many contrast it and other Google Sheets capabilities like Switch as well as Nested IF. In any case, as far as I might be concerned, there is no good reason for such a correlation.  Presently time to know how to involve Choose Function in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets CHOOSE Formula Syntax

choice1, choice2 – the worth to be returned in view of ‘list’.

It is useless to make sense of the punctuation without models. Along these lines, see that underneath.

Motivation behind CHOOSE Function in Google Sheets

The Choose capability returns a component from a rundown of decisions in light of the record.

Here 2 is the record number. So, the equation would return “UK” as it is the matching component.

In the event that the list number is 1, the Choose Formula would return the outcome “USA”.

Why Choose isn’t Similar to Switch or Nested IF

Prior in this instructional exercise, I’ve let you know that Google Sheets Choose capability isn’t like SWITCH or Nested IF. So, I believe it’s my obligation to call attention to why.

Both the capabilities SWITCH, and IF are Logical Functions. Then again, the CHOOSE is a Lookup Function.

So, with Choose, we can’t make a coherent test in a ‘broadest’ structure. In any case, we can do a few restricted legitimate tests utilizing Google Sheets Choose Function moreover.

I will make sense of a similar underneath in the model segment. These are the primary distinctions.

The most effective method to Use CHOOSE Function in Google Sheets

I’ve a few instances of the utilization of Google Sheets CHOOSE capability. I will utilize Choose Formula in the accompanying various situations.

To ‘from a distance’ or you can say progressively control the SUM Range.

To do a straightforward converse VLOOKUP – Only Applicable to a little dataset.

Use Choose as an option in contrast to the SWITCH recipe. Here once more, it’s feasible to a little dataset.

At long last as a substitution to the IF coherent capability.

Model 1:

How to involve Choose Function in Google Sheets to Control SUM equation Range?

This recipe would SUM the reach C2:C5 as it’s the decision in the Choose equation.

At the point when you change the Choose recipe Index to 2, then it would SUM range C6:C9.

Here you can expect Index 1 as “Understudy 1” and Index 2 as “Understudy 2”. You can likewise allude Index number to any cell.

That implies, from outside the equation, you have some control over the aggregate reach.

Model 2:

Here I will contrast Google Sheets Choose Function and SWITCH capability.

Here Google Sheets SWITCH equation is obviously better than CHOOSE Formula. Since Choose equation here requires an extra ArrayFormula and Column A.

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