How to star and save messages on WhatsApp

How to star and save messages on WhatsApp

By IsraeliPanda

Indeed, sending messages is perfect, yet do you have any idea about how to track, star, and erase messages with WhatsApp for Android? Imagine a scenario in which you need to save a few unique directives for some other time. Imagine a scenario where somebody is tossing shade, and you need to erase that terrible message. WhatsApp is one of the most mind-blowing Android informing applications around, regardless of whether it has had some contention of late. The application has lots of incredible elements and a few helpful approaches to finishing these positions. 

Like basically any informing application, WhatsApp sends and gets understood receipts. These are generally little messages or symbols that let you in on that your message has not exclusively been gotten by the planned gadget yet that the proprietor of said gadget has essentially looked at it. This is the way to tell!

  • Send off WhatsApp from your Home screen or the application cabinet.
  • Tap the talk you might want to see.
  • One dim mark implies your message has been sent.
  • Two dim marks of approval mean your message has been conveyed.

The marks of approval become blue when your message has been perused

Certain individuals switch off their read receipts so that they’re not being dogged to answer once the shipper realizes their message has been perused. In these cases, you’ll have the option to tell that your message has essentially been conveyed, yet you won’t be aware assuming the beneficiary has understood it.

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to turn your own read receipts on and off, you can look at How to set up and begin utilizing WhatsApp!

Composing a cooperative story and your companion just set out the best sentence you’ve at any point seen? Something like “Then the feline woofed?” You need to star it and save it for some other time! WhatsApp gives you that capacity and even lets you unstar it some other time when you understand that that was quite possibly of the most idiotic thing you’ve at any point perused. This is the way!

  • Send off WhatsApp from your Home screen or the application cabinet.
  • Tap the talk you might want to see.
  • Tap and hold the message you need to be featured.
  • Tap the star button at the highest point of the screen. A little star symbol will presently show up close to the message in the talk.
  • To unstar a message, follow similar advances.

Presently you can rapidly get to your featured messages when you don’t want to skim through long stretches of discussion.

You’ve been featuring messages like a message-featuring machine (that is so a genuine article). You have the headings to a party featured, and presently you really want to think back since, similar to any old buddy, you’ve failed to remember them. This is the way!

  • Send off WhatsApp from your Home screen or the application cabinet.
  • Tap the menu button on the upper right of your screen. It’s the three vertical specks.
  • Tap Starred messages.
  • Tap the message to see it in the talk

From the featured messages window, you can likewise decide to unstar all by tapping the menu button on the upper right of the screen.

Presently you can star and save every one of the messages you’d like so that, later on, you can make a bowl of popcorn and go for a walk down WhatsApp a world of fond memories. Ahh… Memories.

You can erase various messages by tapping and holding the first, tapping all the other things you need to erase, and afterward tapping the erase button. This will let loose a few room on your telephone and keep your visit windows clean on the off chance that you could do without them jumbled up with photographs and different media.

Simply recall that erasing messages from your telephone doesn’t erase them on the opposite end, so the beneficiaries in your visit can in any case see all that you’ve sent until they erase it themselves.

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