How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

By IsraeliPanda

Bunches of individuals consider LinkedIn a free online media stage, like Facebook and Instagram. Also, this is valid – to a point. Be that as it may, LinkedIn likewise has a few paid arrangements focused on different experts, like spotters, salesmen, and occupation searchers. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s paid deals item. To put it plainly, it gives deals experts devices that permit them to lead progressed searches and interface with CRMs.

Deals Navigator likewise permits clients to send messages, called InMail, to individuals that aren’t in their organization. This is extraordinary assistance for cold effort crusades.

LinkedIn Premium versus Deals Navigator

In spite of the fact that LinkedIn is by and large considered a free stage, LinkedIn Premium, another of the organization’s paid arrangements, is still genuinely notable by LinkedIn clients.
The two adaptations incorporate LinkedIn Learning courses, they let you see who saw your profile, and they give admittance to InMail. The profession is focused on work searchers and incorporates admittance to talk with prep. The business gives organizations experiences, so organizations can monitor their rivals.

The amount Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?

LinkedIn offers three distinct Sales Navigator designs, each with various highlights and an alternate sticker price.
Every one of the three plans offers the accompanying highlights:

  • Limitless hunt, up to 15 saved pursuits, and the capacity to see who’s seen your profile in the course of the most recent 90 days
  • 15 saved inquiry alarms each week
  • Progressed search and deals spotlights
  • Limitless lead and record suggestions as well as deals inclinations
  • Standpoint web incorporation and the Sales Navigator versatile application
  • 2,500 profiles showed per search

Here are the elements presented by every one of the three levels:

Deals Navigator Professional


  • Admittance to work searcher and LinkedIn Learning
  • 20 free InMail messages each month

Evaluating: $99/client/month or $79.99/client/month charged every year at $959.88/client/year

Deals Navigator Team


  • No seating/client limits
  • Free preliminaries for up to 10 clients
  • Up to 10,000 leads saved per seat
  • 30 free InMail messages for each seat each month
  • TeamLink access
  • Use announcing
  • Import Salesforce record and lead information
  • Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 joining
  • 25 profile open credits for every seat each month
  • Limitless Smart Links

Valuing: $149/client/month or $108.33/client/month charged yearly at $1,300/client/year

Deals Navigator Enterprise


  • Limitless seats
  • 50 free InMail messages for every seat each month
  • 10,000 saved leads
  • TeamLink access
  • TeamLink Extend access
  • Use revealing
  • Import Salesforce record and lead information
  • Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 combination
  • 25 profile opens for each seat each month
  • Progressed administrator usefulness remembering Single Sign-for and Employee Directory Integration
  • Limitless Smart Links

Evaluating: Custom valuing. Contact LinkedIn straightforwardly for a statement.

The most effective method to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Like any apparatus, utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator to its fullest degree will take practice and expertise. In any case, these means will get you going rapidly.

Design Your Sales Navigator Account

After pursuing Sales Navigator, you’ll set up your record however you would prefer. You’ll presumably need to begin by adding some LinkedIn associations as prompts follow, discovering a few organizations you might want to watch out for, and setting your speciality and your geographic district.

You can likewise synchronize your CRM, set up TeamLink, and associate some other reconciliations you intend to utilize.

Get To know LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features

The greater part of your experience on Sales Navigator will be spent utilizing four pages: progressed search, lead records, account records, and Discover.
You can utilize the high-level inquiry page to perform exceptionally exact hunts. A portion of the channels you can utilize include:

Individuals search:

  • Organization size
  • Organization type (public, non-benefit, and so on)
  • Work
  • Industry
  • Position level
  • Years at the current organization
  • Leads referenced in the news
  • Leads with late work changes
  • Leads with ongoing LinkedIn action

Organization search:

  • Organization headcount development
  • Organization income
  • Organization size
  • Fortune (recorded on Fortune 50/100/500)
  • Central command area
  • Recruiting on LinkedIn
  • Ongoing senior administration changes

The lead and records pages will show every one of the leads and records you’ve saved to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

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