How to Use Telegram as Your Personal Cloud Storage

How to Use Telegram as Your Personal Cloud Storage

By IsraeliPanda

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Individuals regularly utilize online capacity administrations to store their photographs, recordings, reports, and substantially more different things. In any case, I surmise the majority of the cloud benefits possibly give restricted extra room to utilize and on the off chance that you surpass the cutoff, you will be provoked to buy extra stockpiling. In any case, with Telegram, you can store limitless documents on the web and you get them back at whatever point you need without any problem.

Use Telegram as a Personal Cloud Storage

The wire is a free cloud-based informing administration which you can get to by means of Android or iOS cell phone, Mac or Windows PC or straightforwardly through an internet browser. It is really advantageous and has no concerns about losing your messages since it stores everything on its cloud. What’s more, we will exploit this component. Further, the best thing about Telegram is it gives us the bot offices. You can make your own bot to work it as you need.

See, the capacity should be private. Assuming you are imagining that I will say to send your records to your companions or any other individual, then, at that point, you are thinking incorrectly. We won’t send anything to anybody. All that will be private.

In this way, to involve Telegram as a distributed storage, we will make the bot. Try not to stress I will make everything as straightforward as possible. Also, you will not need to do coding or PC. You can do everything utilizing your cell phones.

01. Make Telegram Account, Skip If You Have Already

Beginning with downloading Telegram from the Google Play Store. There are two distinct adaptations, Telegram and Telegram X. Both are working on something very similar. Yet, I would like to download Telegram X since it has a few customization choices and preferable UI over conventional Telegram.

When downloaded, just open up another record by enrolling your contact number. It is really basic and simple.

02. Make a New Bot

It’s an ideal opportunity to make another distributed storage. In this way, you need to make another bot that is really basic.

Tap on the Search button found right-side upper corner and quest for BotFather. It ought to have a symbol as I have displayed in the screen capture beneath. This is a true Telegram bot to make another bot.

Open the BotFather. To make another bot tap on the ‘Forward Slash’ symbol close to the emoticon key. And afterwards, tap on ‘/newbot’ from the choices on your screen.

Presently, it will request data like its name and username. Just give an answer back to the bot by composing its name and username.

Done! You have made another bot.

03. Arrangement New Bot and Start Storing Files

When your bot is made, BotFather will give its connection, as you can find for my situation it is as I have chosen. Along these lines, basically, now tap on the given connection and you will be diverted to the visit box with your bot.

Tap on the beginning button beneath and done. Begin sending your documents to this bot. This is limitless free distributed storage that you can use to store anything you need.

Presently, you could imagine that you have made the bot and consider the possibility that another person utilizes this bot. In this way, you will scarcely believe, you don’t need to stress over your records. This bot is presently to use for everybody and anybody can look for this bot. Be that as it may, for everybody, it will fill in as a private bot. Nobody will actually want to see your documents. I additionally have made my own bot and imparted records to it. Assuming you need, you can utilize something similar via looking username: mycloudstoragebot or basically tap on this connection.

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