How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on PC and PS4

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on PC and PS4

By Martina Di Giannantonio

For some years now Amazon has decided to also explore the world of online streaming, and for this purpose it has created Amazon Prime Video, a video on demand service offered by the company of Jeff Bezos. To now it has become one of the largest streaming companies of movies and TV series, alongside Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+ and others.

How Amazon Prime Video Works

Amazon Prime Video is an online streaming service of movies and TV series that the company includes in the subscription to the Amazon Prime option, which is that service that allows Amazon users to receive the products with free delivery. So, if you want to use this streaming service, you must first subscribe to Amazon Prime, with an annual or monthly subscription.

Inside there is a catalogue with an increasing number of the movies and TV series most loved by the public, as well as a series of contents directly produced by Amazon.

Amazon Prime Video is compatible with many devices, from which it is possible to have access to the service and watch all its contents. In addition to smart TVs, the platform of streaming is also available on smartphones, tablets, PCs and gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One.

In this article, in particular, we will see how to watch Amazon Prime Video on PC and PS4.

How to register to Amazon Prime Video

In any case, as already mentioned, before you can have access to the catalogue of Amazon Prime Video it is necessary to subscribe to the Amazon Prime option. If you do not have this type of subscription, you will have to go to the page dedicated to Amazon Prime and click on the voice Start Your 30-Days Free Trial. To complete the registration you will have to fill the various forms which will be required. Once the first 30 days are finished, the subscription will be automatically activated. If at the end of the trial you decide you no longer want this option, you can change the settings of your Amazon account, by disabling the subscription.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on PC

Once you have made the subscription to Amazon Prime, you can finally have access to the catalogue of Amazon Prime Video. Thousands of movies, TV series and documentaries, all at your fingertips. As mentioned before, the service is compatible with many devices, including PC. In any case, the essential thing to be able to watch the contents of the streaming platform of Amazon is to have an Internet connection. Without the connection you will not be able to see anything.

In order to watch Amazon Prime Video from PC you just have to rely on your own browser with which you browse the Internet, such as Chrome or Firefox. So, turn on your PC, connect to the Internet and open your browser. At this point just go to the official site of Amazon Prime Video and enter by clicking on the button Sign-In, located at the top right, where there is a man-shaped symbol. To access simply enter the details of your Amazon account. Once you have entered, you will only have to choose the content to watch.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on PS4

If you have a gaming console like the PS4, maybe not everyone knows it, but you can see the contents of Amazon Prime Video also with this one. In this case, to be able to watch movies and TV series on the Sony console, besides a connection to the Internet, you will have to rely on the official app of the streaming service.

First of all, you will need to connect the console to both the TV and an Internet connection. Then, before installing the app, check that it is not already present on the console, since the latest models have the app already preinstalled on them. If the app is not present, what you have to do is to go to the store of the console, PlayStation Store, and look for the Amazon Prime Video application. So, make the download, and in the end, you will only have to start it, log in with the details of your Amazon account and choose the movie or the TV series to watch.

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