How to write a good blog post that ranks on Google

How to write a good blog post that ranks on Google

By Ana Gonzalez

Blogs can be a great resource for exchanging ideas, finding valuable information on a particular topic, and connecting with others. However, some of the biggest challenges when it comes to blogging are figuring out how to grow an audience and making sure that your blog can be found upon search. Fortunately, Google offers some great advice when it comes to making sure your blog post gets the visibility it deserves. Keep reading to learn how to write a blog post that can easily be found on Google or other search engines

The first and possibly most important part of making sure your blog post can be found on Google is checking that your blog page/posts are publicly available. Once your page is publicly available, anyone on the internet should be able to see when you post. 

With regards to writing the posts themselves, it is ideal to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To summarize, search engine optimization relies heavily on the use of keywords and attributes on your posts. It is suggested that you use keywords relevant to the content of your post and title. A good way to think about what keywords could be used is to look at popular Google searches related to the topic you are writing about. It is also recommended that your titles are under 60 characters so that the full title can be read upon search. 

Adding headers (such as h1, h2, h3, etc) to your html page and alt attributes to your images help make your blog post more searchable. As long as the descriptions are kept short and simple, the search engines will pick up on these keywords used in the headers and image attributes, hence making it more likely that your post will show up closer to the top of a user’s results page. Additionally, it is important to have a strong URL for your blog post. Make sure to edit your URLs to include relevant or title keywords, and add redirect URLs to your new posts or main page. In the case that you want to avoid your post from being easily searched, know that it is possible to hide pages from the search engine and tell it to not follow certain links. 

Overall, Google seems to recommend using a platform known as Blogger for uploading blog posts. With options such as custom robot headers, alt attributes, and a variety of search tags, Blogger makes it easy for first time bloggers to use search engine optimization. 

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