HP Chromebook 11inch Laptop with Chrome OS on Amazon

HP Chromebook 11inch Laptop with Chrome OS on Amazon

By IsraeliPanda

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Nowadays, you can purchase a financial plan Windows PC for under $300, yet you as a rule end up with a repaired model or a weighty, efficiently made clunker. Enter the $279 HP Chromebook 11, a 2.2-lb. scratchpad with a splendid, 11.6-inch screen; a comfortable console; an appealing plan; and the extremely simple to-utilize Chrome OS working framework. There’s no question that the Chromebook 11 would one say one is of the most reasonable workstations around, yet is it worth your cash?

Regardless of its spending plan value, the Chromebook 11 has a superior plan that makes it more alluring than numerous workstations that cost threefold the amount. The polished, white plastic skeleton and precise edges on our survey unit helped us to remember the old white MacBook. The machine’s particularly smooth surface needs screws, vents or different imperfections we find on such countless different PCs. HP fortified the shell to an inflexible magnesium outline for a genuinely strong feel.

The Chromebook 11 has an appealing accent shading that rings its console and lights up a couple of lavish rubber treated cushions that help set up the lower part of the framework. On our audit unit, the accents were a lovely record blue, yet you can likewise buy the PC with a green, red or yellow complement tone; each of the four of these tones matches the shades utilized in Google’s logo.

HP Chromebook 11 at Amazon for 349$

Snap to EnlargeYou can likewise buy the PC in dark. Maybe the most lively sprinkle of shading is given by a slim status light on the rear of the cover that lights up in every one of the four Google colours when the journal is alert.

At 11.7 x 7.6 x 0.7 inches and 2.2 lbs., the Chromebook 11 is probably the lightest PC you can purchase, making it discernibly more compact than the 11.2 x 8 x 1.1-inch, 2.6-lb. Acer C710-2457, which is additionally a Chromebook with an 11.6-inch show.

Snap to EnlargeThe HP Chromebook 11’s island-style console has huge, all around dispersed keys that give a lot of material criticism and vertical travel with no flex by any means. We especially liked the extra-huge Shift, CTRL and Alt keys, which stand as a distinct difference to the modest keys we’ve seen on numerous different scratchpads this size. Because of these agreeable circumstances, we had the option to accomplish a strong pace of 74 words each moment on the speed test.
The 3.8 x 2.2-inch buttonless touchpad gave the exact route around the work area, with none of the jerkiness we’ve encountered on so many other click pads. The cushion upholds two-finger looking over, however, doesn’t offer squeeze to-zoom.


Snap to EnlargeThe 11.6-inch, 1366 x 768-pixel show on the Chromebook 11 gives splendid, brilliant pictures and wide review points. During our testing, everything from the default purple-and-orange triangle-designed backdrop to the light-green pigs in “Irate Birds” had profound, welcoming tints. At the point when we watched a YouTube trailer for “The Avengers,” shadings, for example, the red in Iron Man’s reinforcement and the blue in Captain America’s safeguard were dynamic. Colours stayed valid at survey points up to 60 degrees to the left or right, and just cleaned out somewhat at 90 degrees.

However it looks splendid, the Chromebook estimated a normal of 218 lux on our light meter, which is not exactly the 241-lux ultraportable classification normal. That is still significantly higher than the 163-lux Acer C710 and the 176-lux Samsung Series 3 Chromebook.

We get our lux score by averaging readings from the four corners and focus of the screen, and ordinarily, the various regions offer genuinely steady splendour. Notwithstanding, on the Chromebook 11, the middle region of the screen estimated a solid 271 lux, while the upper corners estimated around 220 lux and the lower two corners read during the 180s.


The Chromebook 11’s speakers gave clear, precise sound. At the point when we had a go at playing both the guitar-weighty “Yell at the Devil” and the bass-weighty “Fail to remember Me Nots,” the sound was exact and wonderful, while perhaps not excessively rich. At most extreme volume, the sound was clearly to the point of occupying a front room, however, it was a piece metallic when we stood by listening to drums or guitar-loaded melodies. At 89 decibels, the Chromebook 11 is discernibly stronger than the 82-dB ultraportable class normal.

Ports and Webcam

Exceptional among PCs, the Chromebook 11 purposes a standard micro USB port for charging, and that imply that you can utilize any micro USB-to-USB charging link to juice it. Notwithstanding, when we connected the PC to a USB port on our PC or into our telephone’s AC connector, the scratch pad’s fast settings window showed that we were associated with a “low-power charger” and kept on depleting, so need to utilize the AC connector it accompanies or another with a lot of force yield.
Snap to EnlargeThe PC additionally has two USB 2.0 ports for interfacing with USB Flash drives, hard drives or outside mice and consoles, and a 3.5mm earphone jack. Sadly, the Chromebook 11 comes up short on SD Card peruser.

The VGA webcam caught splendid, sharp pictures of our faces under the bright lights of our office. We especially liked the Chrome OS camera application’s assortment of engaging channels, which made our face look pixelated, rearranged or like it was shot as an old quiet film.


The Chromebook 11’s console and touchpad remained moderately cool all through our tests, estimating 83 degrees and 97 degrees Fahrenheit, separately, subsequent to real-time video for 15 minutes. We consider anything over 95 degrees awkward.

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