Ideas to give the best technological gift

Ideas to give the best technological gift

By dayannastefanny

What are the best technology gifts?

In this article, we offer you different ideas of technological gifts for children, women, and men in case you still do not know what to give this Christmas.

Gift Cards

Depending on the taste and hobbies of the person you want to give it would be a nice touch to give them a gift card, even if they already have one no one would say no to a free month of one of the streaming platforms.

Xiaomi Smart Band

Most of those who try these new jewels never take them off, this is the first way to manage your physical activity with several options that you can use during sports practice and depending on the uses for which you need it you can get a good Smart Band, on amazon you can find it from 39.99 to 42.98.

Bluetooth WiFi Projector

These days, digital technology has become very affordable as the prices of these devices have become very low. Having a projector makes it easy for you to watch movies or sporting events in a group or outdoors.


Smartwatches are a slightly more advanced option than wristbands. You can give a smartwatch to both men and women and add as many features as you want. Of course, the more features, the higher the price as 399.00

Touchscreen Gloves

There is no doubt that the technology aficionado in your life has a smartphone. If you live in a cold area, you may want to try using this smartphone with gloves during the winter. You can enhance this experience with a good pair of touchscreen gloves. You can get them at prime for a price of 29.95.

Electric Scooter

Urban mobility has undergone a revolution in recent years, and we’ve seen scooters return to roam our streets. Yes, a more modern version has returned with a battery and motor perfect for children and adults depending on the features and the miles you need depending on the value 73.59 to 398.65


Day in and day out we see awesome videos and photos captured with GoPro’s of our family or friends vacations. The automatic video creation features are perfect for sharing those moments on networks. The versatility of the GoPro has made them the favorite camera of the public and its value is 349.00 although it may vary by shipping and where it is located.


  • Cycling GPS: This GPS for the bike allows you to save routes and get incredible metrics of the outings we do with the bike. If that person is a lover of cycling this is a must-have gift and has a value of 59.46.
  • Ebook: For people who love reading an electronic books can become a success. Thanks to the ebook we can have a whole library in our hands, you can get for 148.93 euros.
  • Mini photo printer: An instant photo printer is a fun and useful device to solve that problem. You can find them from 69.99 to 99.99 and there are some that are discounted on the Amazon site.
  • TomTom GPS for cars: Although we all carry a GPS built into our phones, many driving enthusiasts still prefer to have this tool on the side as it has some features that our mobiles don’t have. You can choose to gift a car GPS or motorcycle GPS you can get on Amazon from 164.66 to 399.99.
  • IPX8 Bluetooth Headphones: We can assure you that this gift is always worth it. Listening to podcasts, music or calls has never been easier with Bluetooth headphones. You can find it in many different types and designs at a price of 31.99.
  • Nintendo Switch: The consoles are not only a good gift for children, but many adults are also passionate about video games and escape for a few hours with this fun form of entertainment. Although we suggest a Nintendo Switch, there are other models on the market that you will be more than familiar with.
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