Image Background Remover

Image Background Remover

By Alessia Hernandez

With the creation of the internet and social media, the millennial generation and the new ones had the necessity to show themselves to the world. What that means is that people are self-educated on topics like photography, videos, and editing. And here are the free webpages to learn or practice these activities.

I’m going to describe to you some Free apps or websites of Image Background Remover. This description will show how easy it is, if it has some other plans, if it can be used in other devices, how many languages it has, etc. So here  I start. 


This website offers you in 3 steps removes the background, by  file, URL or page the image. Also, it has 8 ways to use it, for photographers, individuals, companies, objects, marketing, developers, e-commerce, media and car dealerships. 

Removebg count with 7 languages and 3 different option plans:

  •  The free one with 50 free previews. Works for Windows, Mac and Linux. Recommended for personal use.
  • Subscription plan has 5 options that work from 40 credits per month to 2,800 credit per month.
  •  Pay as you go, that works from 1 credit to 200 credits.


This app also has the 8 forms to use it and is easy to do, only paste the image. Counts with different languages.

Its 3 plans provide you an app for Mac/ Windows/ Linux, change color and remove background,  unlimited free previews on the webpage and removal for Adobe Photoshop.

  •  Free, recommended for personal use.
  • Monthly subscriptions, $0.13 per image from 40 images to 5,000 images. 
  • Lifetime, $0.90 per image. From 1 image to 500 images.


PhotoRoom is the only site of this list that has mobile app for IOS and Android. It is completely free and on the other hand has the option to edit the photos. Simple to use: select an image, remove the background and download your image. 

As completely free, does not have any pay plan. 


This webpage has free use forever, you can learn to use it in 3 simple steps and change the language if you want. 



This page is only available on the internet and English. The formats accepted are JPG, PNG AND, WebP. It has a maximum image size and resolution.

On the other hand, there are 5 ways to use it: remove background, prepare product photos, remove background hair, erase background by color and, remove background from transparent objects. 

Count with a pay plan 

  • Pay As You Go from 10 credits to 1,000 credits.

Now, with the information that I give you, it is your time to choose which is the better option for you. Enjoy it and see you in another opportunity.  

Juliana Pardo

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