Interview with Alessandro De Pace, CEO & Founder of

Interview with Alessandro De Pace, CEO & Founder of

November 17, 2021 0 By germana

Interview with Alessandro De Pace, CEO & Founder of, the first platform that facilitates demand and job offer in the catering industry. 

One of the main difficulties of a business activity is related to research and above all to the management of employees, called to be increasingly competent and professional. On the other hand, even workers and professionals looking for a position may encounter many difficulties: workplace too far, contract not in line with their expectations and so on. was created to meet these two entities so linked to each other, in order to streamline the entire recruitment process but above all to ensure its effectiveness and transparency. Food Job is the platform that intelligently connects demand and job supply. Let’s see how it does it!

How it works

The application is aimed at both restaurateurs/entrepreneurs (or at least operators belonging to the HORECA channel) and professionals. 

For restaurateurs/entrepreneurs

To find professionals, the restaurant owner will have to download the app, enter all the information of the company and start searching among the wide selection of professionals divided by geographical area and availability. It is also possible for the restaurateur to consult feedback from other users on the chosen resource and the cost required for the selected period of interest. 

To “select” the resource, the restaurateur will have to send the request, wait for the confirmation and immediately sign the employment contract, payment will be made at the end of the transaction through a certified and smart system that also allows the storage of invoices and transactions. 

For professionals

Professionals looking for employment will have to download the application, enter all personal information, their experiences and the work sectors of interest, as well as the type of contract you are interested in. Once registered you can manage your own calendar where you can enter all your availability.  The app is currently available to all Android and iOS users, but we take the opportunity to host Alessandro De Pace, CEO & Founder of Food Job, to ask for any news. Read the interview now! 

Ah, to download the app, click Here

Hello Alessandro, nice to meet you and thank you for your time. Tell us a bit about the story of this innovative platform.. 

Hello and thank you for your interest. For 18 years I have been part of the catering world, and 5 present on the market as a business consultant in the food sector, dealing with market repositioning, development and strengthening of the brand, management redevelopments, business strategies, finance facilitated, search and selection of staff, all under the brand Phoenix Restaurant Solution (

In all these years, the market and companies have witnessed several important evolutions in terms of organization, technology, management. Only one branch has undergone a very slow progression, but not to be defined EVOLUTION, the research and selection of professional figures.

Food Job is born from a strong deficit present in the market for several years:

RESTAURATEUR SIDE: find resources more efficiently, know them better and in the shortest time possible. (On average a selection process ends in 1 month)

PROFESSIONAL SIDE: break down the long selection processes that require time, energy and money, and have guarantees and clarity in wages.

These are just some aspects that worry both sides… Food Job satisfies them all.

How and when was the idea of Food Job born?

The Food Job Project was born on 8 March 2020, an important date in Italy that corresponds to the first day of national lockdown caused by the pandemic COVID 19, with the desire to support companies in the sector considering all the difficulties, including those of the pandemic phase. A very delicate professional period, where I found myself dealing with very delicate and crucial business issues for the life of their business. And precisely in this critical phase that I have reached the awareness of having found the solution to one of the problems that afflicts every entrepreneur in the sector.

Who are your competitors and in what Food Job is different?

In fact, we do not have any real competitors, the companies present on the European market, which deal with the subject, are stuck in the embryonic state of Food Job, which in a short time, received the recognition of innovative start-up. Food Job is not just a company, a system, an advantage…but a new, different, meritocratic professional lifestyle, but above all a lifestyle, which each of us can cultivate and manage in his own image and likeness.

Food Job, unlike others, deals with offering a range of resources in the area with a performance profile determined by the activities and feedback of other entrepreneurs/ restaurateurs, description of the profile, photo, possibility of resource booking. The contract phase is managed by Food Job through an automated system, being able to take advantage of all the contracts in force in the Italian territory. Food Job also offers tailor-made services for companies that need them. 

How long did it take to shape the project and above all, at what point is the project? 

The project, according to the analyses, provided for a construction time of about 3 years for the entire system. Thanks to our determination, commitment and sweat, we managed to optimize the time by 50%. You can already access and actively participate in the world of Food Job, and start building in a concrete way your Job Reputation collecting all its fruits. Download the app, register and build your future…is free.

Who is Foodjob targeting? How is the market responding?

The market of Food Job is a B2B and B2C in the world of food and hospitality, accessible to cooks, waiters, pizza makers, hostesses/stewards, sushiman, pastry chefs, etc…free professionals and employees. On the other hand, all companies that seek these figures, either permanently or temporarily. Both worlds,  in front of such a majestic project, they respond fascinated.

How much technology can still help companies to develop their business and how much, in Italy, found reticence in the application of technological and digital models?

Technology helps businesses a lot if it’s used correctly. Italy, as a Latin people, is struggling to change its modus operandi because it is linked to traditions and processes already tested showing timidity on new technological and digital models.Compared to the rest of the world, we are far behind.

How did you launch your project? Did you use crowdfunding campaigns?

During the beta test and crash test phase of our system, a form of ferment has been generated by the market, which has not yet allowed us to implement one of the different launch strategies planned, having regard to the continuous requests that we receive every day.