Interview with Fabio Ferrotti, CEO of BEATHS

Interview with Fabio Ferrotti, CEO of BEATHS

By Rosy Chianese

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interview with Fabio Ferrotti, CEO of BEATHS, the startup pioneer of fashion-gaming in Italy, inspired by gaming culture and digital entertainment

 One of the great merits of modern video games, in addition to making us rediscover ancient history and stimulating our cognitive processes, is to have added a social component to the classic entertainment. Today more and more online communities are born, thematic blogs are opened, live streaming channels are created with the aim to interact with those who follow the games and so on. Communities of enthusiasts are also born around mobile gaming, one of the fastest growing sectors in recent years.

What was probably missing in the esports industry was the link between gaming, sport and fashion. From today, however, anyone who wants to combine these factors can do it thanks to BEATHS!


BEATHS is the innovative startup specialized in the world of gaming and esports, which is proposed as a streetwear brand of reference for the new generations through its clothing products. The startup aims to spread and represent a message of inclusiveness, belonging and development in the gaming and esport landscape. The society does so through fashion, which has always told and represents styles and trends of cultures and subcultures.

Beaths is the first Italian brand designed to combine fashion and gaming through the first technical products in the world dedicated to the professional and passionate gamer. Its garments are designed and developed also in collaboration with the community and with artists and digital talents from all over the world.

To find out more about the project, we interviewed Fabio Ferrotti, CEO of BEATHS.

Hello Fabio, thank you so much for this opportunity. It is really a pleasure to meet you. Tell us something more about BEATHS. How and when was the idea born?

Building a brand like Beaths has always been my strong desire. Already a few years ago I began to give birth to the seed of this project in my mind but I left it in the drawer for many professional commitments. In 2019 Beaths was born as a representative brand of the world of gaming and esport. While coming away from some professional experiences in the esport world, I noticed a gap on who could give a real identity to those who live gaming culture and felt an integral part of it. From there Beaths has developed as it is today, which in addition to having anticipated the explosion of fashion-gaming worldwide, is also the realization of that dream in the drawer that I have for a long time hidden.

How did you launch your startup? Did you use crowdfunding campaigns?

Beaths was launched on the market thanks to a rich path that starts with the selection and participation to the Hubble acceleration, by Nana Bianca, entering the incubator Murate Idea Park thanks to the victory of a Call4Fashion, and in 2021 with the entry in the circuit of Unicredit Start Lab, having been selected from the top 16 startups for innovation in 2021. These are the only funds raised  until today, but we are launching our first fundraising campaign right now.

What kind of products can be found within the platform?

The products on our ecommerce and our apps are lifestyle dedicated to the world of gaming culture of which some are in collaboration with emerging digital artists. Of course, you can also find our technical products, sweatshirts and pants, dedicated to the most demanding players. Very soon new products and new collaborations will come.

How do you try to meet the needs of gamers?

First of all, we want to represent an identity in the gaming world, to make those who wear Beaths part of something special. We want to represent the main values of gaming that are inclusiveness and community. Our technical products, moreover, are a strong response to the needs of professional gamers, a resource very felt abroad, that of technical clothing for gamers, by those who have gaming in their blood. In addition to these, we offer a 360 degree response to those who gravitate in this world or are simply passionate about it, creating and designing specific products for drop and collaboration. As in the past it has happened with Logitech and as it is these days with a drop of exclusive products of two of the most important gaming journalists in the Italian scene, with products with exclusive designs.

Objectives for the future?

We are working on new lifestyle products and a complete kit-pro but our long-term vision is the amalgam of physical and digital launching. A path that makes the two experiences interact with maximum synergy giving a unique experience to our customer.

Curiosity: what results are you getting from industry enthusiasts?

The current results are very interesting and promising, in just over a year a new startup like ours has anticipated the times and received a strong media interest, from Rai to Forbes and many others, up to dress up the Australian team in the most important competitive esport event in the world, the world championship of League of Legends, known title of Riot. A great success also our last drop I mentioned before, which in just 7 days of pre-order sold over 200 products… and we are only at the beginning of our adventure.


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