Interview with Filippo Castrogiovanni, CTO of Meedox

Interview with Filippo Castrogiovanni, CTO of Meedox

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 Interview with Filippo Castrogiovanni, CTO of Meedox, the innovative startup that helps you to manage your healthcare life, that of family members and pets. It allows you to follow the therapies in the right way to stay healthy, and to be in touch with the doctor by sharing the medical record with him. But Meedox is much more!

Who hasn’t had at least once the necessity to look for an essential health record to be able to access a drug or to make an important visit? The search in some cases may prove fruitless, despite all the precautions the document is not found, and in this case it is absolutely useless to have done the same examination because you can not share it with the doctor and you can not proceed with the evaluation to have a therapy or a diagnosis. Imagine the case when you must change doctor: how can he be able to analyze our state of health if not through the reports we present? All these problems can now be faced and finally solved thanks to Meedox!

What’s Meedox

Meedox is a platform that will help you to manage your health and to follow therapies in the right way to stay healthy. With a few simple clicks you can digitize documents, exams, therapies and always have your medical documents available; and this will allow you to have them always in order. You can also share medical records with your doctor, book appointments and visits, and much more. With Meedox you will have everything in one place with no more confusion and waste of time!

Meedox Health will also send you alerts so you can get treatment, and depending on the medication you are already taking, it will alert your doctor about any drug conflicts. In this way, your doctor may suggest to take the necessary measures in order to avoid problems.

For further information, we interviewed Filippo Castrogiovanni, CTO of Meedox.

Hi Filippo, thank you so much for this opportunity. It is really a pleasure to meet you. Tell us more about Meedox.

Hello everyone and thank you! For us at Meedox it is an important opportunity to share our reality.

How and when was the idea born?

The idea of Meedox was born a little by chance. In fact, some members, sharing some negative personal experiences in the medical field, did not let the discussion drop and, taking seriously a topic as important as that of family health management, they started the first steps of Meedox.

The idea that prompted the shareholders to personally invest in this adventure arose from private needs that the shareholders themselves discovered belonged to everyone. In addition, all those to whom the Meedox project is presented are enthusiastic and some even express their intention to participate in the shareholder structure.

How did you launch your startup? Did you use crowdfunding campaigns?

As already mentioned, the members and mainly our CEO, Claudio Battiloro, firmly has believed in the idea, and provided the necessary funds to take the first steps. We also received funding from a well-known banking group. We have already released the first draft of Meedox available on Apple and Android platforms with basic functionality. Just these days we are close to the next release with new and more features. 

How are health records organized and sorted with Meedox?

Meedox makes it quick and easy to store your health records and organize them neatly and easily. The clear user interface, designed by UX/UI experts, makes navigation easy and understandable even to those unfamiliar with tools like this. This step was fundamental and we invested a lot: in fact it was necessary to simplify for the end user the complexity of the latest generation algorithms with which the platform is built. 

Meedox is a platform that offers different services, can you tell us what they are and their features?

The main goal of Meedox is to create a multiservice platform. Through Meedox, the end user can take care of their own health and family life, including pets. By archiving your medical records you will always have with you the examinations you may need in any circumstances. You can share them with the specialist doctor without having to take them with you at each checkup. You can follow the treatment that the doctor has prescribed. You can share the results in real time with your doctor so that he can understand if the prescribed therapy works (therapeutic adhesion). You can book a specialist visit in telemedicine, in the studio and at home. You can order the prescribed medicines at the pharmacy and have them delivered to your home. You can book a telemedicine visit in a Meedox corner ad hoc pharmacy. Ultimately the user will be able to take care of the whole health life for himself and for the family. Obviously also for pets, so it will be possible to enter the circuit of veterinarians and veterinary clinics to follow the state of health of their four-legged animal sharing with the professional both the documents and the result of the therapies. Meedox wants to make easy what is incomplete and fragmented today. All this is developed in a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence technologies that allows Meedox to provide useful information for early diagnosis. Finally, we would like to point out that Meedox is an application system in line with GDPR. 

Future objectives?Goals for the future? Well, for the future we have not one but many goals. Among them there is definitely the next launch of Meedox with storage and therapies. To follow, the development of all the parts that will allow us to bring the exclusive advantages just mentioned. Everything together is Meedox’s heart. We don’t want to say too much to avoid anticipating, our roadmap is tight.

Curiosity: would you like to tell us a little bit about the final choice of the name?

What can I say … Meedox is a project that is realized by people with different and complementary characteristics. People make Meedox, tenacity together with the professionalism and values in which we believe distinguish us. We share the fact that we believe intimately that Meedox can change and improve the health life of all people. The name? Actually there is not much to say: the name Meedox comes from the union between the words Medicine and Document. We do not exclude, with the experiences we are doing in the field, to improve it! 



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