Interview with Matteo Castelli and Emanuele Verdesio, respectively CEO and CTO of DIManagement

Interview with Matteo Castelli and Emanuele Verdesio, respectively CEO and CTO of DIManagement

June 9, 2022 By Rosy Chianese

Interview with Matteo Castelli and Emanuele Verdesio, respectively CEO and CTO of DIManagement, the startup dedicated to the development of innovative processes, aimed at reducing waste and increasing productivity.

To gain competitiveness in an increasingly global and digitized market, companies must now be able to develop new innovative processes. All with the aim of increasing productivity, improving operational efficiency and reducing waste as much as possible. How can a company today cultivate and develop the ability to invent and manage ideas to control and, above all, accelerate the process of transforming the idea into successful products and services? We need methodology. And that’s where DIManagement comes in!

What’s DIManagement

DIManagement is your partner for the development of innovative processes aimed at reducing waste and increasing productivity, through the review of operational processes and the implementation of innovative technological solutions: together from the idea to the realization. With more than 10 years of experience in project management, in many fields and industries, DIManagement consultants have the key competences for the realization of innovative projects and ideas.

DIManagement offers solutions for 4 macro areas: management; improvement; production; monitoring. For each of these, DIManagment  have the solution that will suit your needs! 

If you want to know more, we interviewed the founders of DIManagment, Matteo Castelli and Emanuele Verdesio.

Hello Matteo and Emanuele, thank you very much for this opportunity. It is really a pleasure to meet you. Tell us something more about DIManagment.

We worked together in a consortium for an international project. We were part of the Project management team, where document management was more than a challenge. We have often confronted ourselves on the problems of management of the information, both during the execution of the same activities than in the case of turnover. Very often, in fact, it happens that colleagues leave the position and the company, leaving a gap that is difficult to fill with a handover. Here, if you had a knowledge management system, you can think of mitigating the risk related to the transition, the loss of data and knowledge.

Another element that has aroused interest is the multidimensionality of data and information: a document can be classified under different sizes and imagined in a multidimensional cube. Based on the analysis variables, it could change the set of related documents. We also agreed that we often focus on business tools rather than structuring processes. We firmly believe that, before any development and before introducing new tools in the company, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the processes used, identify the desired solution and optimize them to make them lean. That being said, the introduction of the correct instrument becomes a factor that optimizes change and innovation.

How and when was the idea born?

The idea was born in the middle of the pandemic period when, stuck in abnormal work situations, we had time to reflect on the working methods and the potential that current technology offers. Analyzing the Italian landscape, where the entrepreneurial fabric is made up of many SMEs, we have recognized that there is very often a gap of internal skills to support change and innovation.

How did you launch your startup? Did you use crowdfunding campaigns?

We decided to found DIManagement independently, through our own capital. Now, we  are developing an idea based on ML and AI for which we are building a feasibility study.

Most likely, once the study is complete, we will need to raise funds to develop an MVP of our idea. We will hardly use crowdfunding solutions, as we mainly address the B2B sector. Rather, we will be looking for calls for non-repayable funding, or strategic partnerships/joint ventures that will enable us to achieve the predetermined goal, optimizing the resources employed.

What innovative solutions does DIManagment offer?

The innovative content proposed by DIManagement allows to increase productivity by enhancing the management of company know-how.

The use of the service favors an optimization of the classification of the documents, favoring a reduction of the time of search of the same ones and increasing the quality of the information deemed important for the business knowledge. 

We classify the data in multiple dimensions and correlate the arguments with each other so that each information is digitally connected to the others by analogy of content, relevance or any other criterion that justifies a correlation. 

The proposed technology is based on databases and algorithms aimed at multi-dimensional data management, and through the development of an algorithm based on artificial intelligence we automate the process of classification, typically carried out manually, increasing the accuracy and the correlation with the structure of classification proper of the company in which it will go to operate.

What solutions do you offer to your customers?

DIManagement offers complete solutions for the integrated management of projects, very flexible to adapt to the context in which it is necessary to create value and added value.

We believe in technological innovation, so we focus on solutions that enable the digitalization of processes, with solutions “on premises” or in the cloud. The proposed solutions are effective in different contexts, being the proposed tools versatile and adaptable to multiple situations.

In particular, we have partnered with a US and South American company that develops a project management system focused on multi-dimensional data management. The product is called FENG OFFICE and is accessible via the following link: The partnership consists in the commercialization of the product and the study and development of new functionalities aimed at satisfying the difficulties that entrepreneurs, startupper and small and medium-sized enterprises are faced every day in the Italian reality that in many respects is different from what is the reality overseas. 

Goals for the future?

The main objective is to consolidate the customer base and complete the feasibility study for the proposed innovative solution. The next step is the selection of the ideal partner to integrate the algorithm thought with the solution that maximizes the benefit.

Curiosity: Would you like to tell us something about the final choice of the name?

If you walk you need to know how to move in a plane (two dimensions), if you fly you also need to know how to move in height (three dimensions), if you need to take off you also need to know the exact time (fourth dimension). And if you do business in how many dimensions do you move? 3, 4, 5…n? Consolidated 3-dimensional modeling means consolidating the fourth dimension that are the times and the fifth, that effectively are the costs in a single project monitoring system. However the true number of dimensions is determined by the requirements of the single company based on what are the drivers on which the business moves. 

So business management is a matter of managing its size. From here the name Management (Management) of Dimensions (DIM)  literally DIM. That is the code that is used in some programming languages to indicate that you were going to define a variable and then a size in which your code would move. 



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