Interview with Mirko Papetti, President of Forma-Tec

Interview with Mirko Papetti, President of Forma-Tec

By auroraoddi

In the current economic scenario, business growth and competitiveness are two closely interrelated concepts. In this context, Forma-Tec emerges as one of the leading companies in business consulting, with the goal of enhancing business competitiveness and human resource development.

With operational offices in Rome and Milan and a presence throughout the country, Forma-Tec draws on a deep knowledge of the labor market and an extensive networking experience. This combination makes the company a reliable partner for companies seeking to navigate the complicated world of business investment.

But what makes Forma-Tec so special? The answer lies in their approach. The company does not simply offer pre-packaged solutions. Instead, it carefully analyzes the skills of a company’s staff and works closely with them to define a tailored investment project. Once the project is defined, Forma-Tec assists the company throughout the process, ensuring that each stage is handled with precision and expertise.

Another distinctive aspect of Forma-Tec is its focus on investment sustainability. The company builds an integrated model to ensure that the investment is sustainable over the long term and activates the necessary tools to achieve this goal. At the conclusion of the project, Forma-Tec measures the results and certifies the skills acquired, ensuring that every euro invested brings a tangible return.

Finally, Forma-Tec excels at finding funding sources. Through preliminary investigation, the company identifies the best funding opportunities based on a company’s projects and development strategies. This personalized approach ensures that each business receives the solution best suited to its needs.

Business Services

Financed Training

Forma-Tec is a one-stop shop for companies seeking training funding. The company provides advice on the various Interbranch Funds, Direct and Indirect Community Funds. These funds, particularly the Paritetic Interprofessional Funds, offer companies the opportunity to allocate a percentage of their social security contributions to finance worker training and refresher training initiatives.

Continuing Education

Skills development and continuous learning are critical to a company’s success. Forma-Tec offers targeted support in this area, providing articulated and flexible training, respecting the productivity needs of the company and offering customized paths to workers. Forma-Tec’s extensive training catalog covers different areas, from IT to marketing, from accounting to business management.

New Skills Fund

The New Skills Fund is an ideal solution for companies that wish to reschedule their employees’ working hours to include training activities. Forma-Tec assists companies in all stages of accessing this fund, from formulation to reporting, ensuring that companies benefit the most from this opportunity.

Training for Apprentices

Training apprentices is essential to ensure that they acquire the skills they need to succeed in their role. Forma-Tec supports companies in the process of training apprentices, from the Individual Training Plan to the public training offer, in collaboration with the Lazio Region.

Facilitated Finance

Forma-Tec helps companies identify the best financing opportunities, both at the national and European level. The company assists in the creation of business plans, strategic analysis and the search for sources of financing best suited to the company’s needs.

Expansion Contract

The expansion contract is a key tool for companies wishing to manage restructuring and retraining processes. Forma-Tec provides advice and assistance at all stages of this process, from the identification of business needs to the implementation of the most suitable solutions.

In conclusion, Forma-Tec is an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to grow and compete in an increasingly demanding market.


Q: What was the main motivation behind the creation of Forma-Tec and how has it evolved over time?

A: Forma-Tec was born in 2007 from an intuition of myself and my partner, Massimiliano Raffa.

In those years, the sector of financed training was the prerogative of companies that were in charge of providing training and that – in a subordinate way – took care of the consulting for obtaining the financing of the same.

We thought of reversing the paradigm, putting our experience and knowledge of training financing tools at the service of companies, particularly in the area of interprofessional funds.

This model has been successful, and has been replicated by many other companies.

Once we consolidated our experience on Interprofessional Funds, we offered consulting on other tools related to financed training, such as those provided by the European Social Fund, accrediting ourselves in the Lazio Region and the Lombardy Region.

In recent years, we have dedicated ourselves to consulting on evolved instruments such as the New Skills Fund, the 4.0 Tax Credit and the Expansion Contract.

Q: How do you see the future of business consulting, considering the rapid evolution of technologies and the labor market?

A: New technologies offer significant opportunities for consulting firms, provide greater flexibility, immediate response times and virtually unlimited access to information.

Consulting firms will have to make the most of these factors, in order to offer their clients ever better performance, ever more refined data, ever more timely analysis, and continuously updated content and tools.

The firms that are able to do this, to evolve in this way will maintain and increase their shares within the labor market.

Q: What are the main challenges facing Italian businesses today and how can Forma-Tec help them overcome them?

A: Businesses face drastic and sudden changes on a daily basis.

Being able to anticipate or at least intercept these changes and adapt just as quickly determines success or failure.

It becomes crucial – therefore – to invest in training and continuous updating of human resources.

Forma-Tec is at the side of companies by supporting them in identifying and obtaining funding to develop workers’ skills. Optimizing their management and maximizing their effort.

This is our hallmark, it is the reason why we have been chosen by Ferrovie dello Stato, TIM, Unicredit, Enel, Terna, Vodafone, Engineering, Coop and many other large companies.

Q: Is there a particular project or undertaking that you are particularly proud to have assisted with?

A: No doubt “NexTim.” Tim’s project under the first edition of ANPAL’s New Skills Fund.

Forma-Tec handled the technical assistance, working alongside Tim to manage 18 referenced skills development pathways. In just six months, 37,000 employees were trained, more than 3 million man/training hours were delivered, and Tim was awarded a grant of 75 million euros.

It was an extremely formative experience that gave Forma-Tec unprecedented visibility. We were able to handle the pressures to the best of our ability and-while meeting all the target points required by ANPAL and Tim-achieved an extraordinary result.

Q: What are the next steps for Forma-Tec? Are there any new services or consulting areas that you plan to explore in the near future?

A: The next steps are aimed at strengthening the technological tools that will be made available to our clients. We have created and are constantly updating a platform dedicated to the management and reporting of funded training projects. Which can collect analyze and return information and insights to better plan future activities.

Regarding new services, Forma-Tec-which already holds certification for the environmental management system. The company is in the process of obtaining certification for gender equality-wants to be of support to companies that wish to take the same path to improve their standards in sustainability, social responsibility and gender equality. These are the values that represent us and guide us into the future.