If your dream is to work for Google, here are some recommendations you should keep in mind for hiring

If your dream is to work for Google, here are some recommendations you should keep in mind for hiring

By dayannastefanny

Google is an American company that specializes in electronic devices, internet, software, and different technologies for this reason daily receives many resumes as employees receive many benefits which many are related to providing the best spaces and giving them opportunities for employees to feel good in this Google offers its workers health insurance, flexible work schedules, snacks in the office and gyms, paternity and insurance for the family of workers since it is one of the companies where it is more important labor diversity and equity when hiring, where all workers are qualified.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t forget…

There is something that must be taken into account and it is the fact of being creative to be able to make a resume is essential to do more than what you are asked, imagine more things and do new things, this will help you stand out, in the end, the limit is you and you will be seen positively because you are showing skills that contribute to the work, as well as in many companies it is important to have a good professional profile, with this you can open many more doors labor since in many occasions the person who is more qualified, more prepared labor and educational may obtain more opportunities to be accepted.

If your resume is attractive they will contact you to follow your hiring process, after that, it is good to keep in mind that you can make a cover letter if you wish, besides this, you should prepare yourself because they will test you with some of the different evaluation tactics, the process can be long even can take some months to know if you were hired or not, for this reason, Google gives the option to send 3 resumes every 30 days, this is good for people who are looking for a job as they are giving you more chances to get in.

What recommendations should you consider for your interview?

Some recommendations when taking a job interview for Google, since, it is very important to know because it uses a behavioral interview approach examples and that support the curriculum, it is also important that before having the interview this very informed of the company, about their latest projects, research and if they are going to release any product as they would like to know if you are informed, some time ago the interviewees were asked to solve difficult puzzles but have eliminated this form.

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